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Artist: Young Sicc
Album:  Spread the Word
Song:   The Pussy Power
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Bitches, hoes, tricks and sluts
Anybody, any place, they're just giving it up
Don't matter where you're from cuz homie it's all good
They're fucking pretty boys and fucking fools from the hood
Misunderstood, got a bitch playing games with the mind
Getting numbers on the pager reading sixty-nine
Bump and grind, time to go to work, don't get your feelings hurt
Fucked around and finding now your girl's a flirt
Nothing but an expert taking off the shirt and the skirt
To get that ass, eating out like desert
Nice and tasty, bitch tried to play me
Now I'm calling for my dogs to come and save me
Cuz a ese's sprung
When I was thinking like Ice Cube that I ain't the one
Got my nuts all hung from your chinny-chin-chin
Fucking with the wrong hoe, sometimes you can't win

[Chorus x2]
Cuz they know they got the pussy
They know they got the power
The pussy pow-power, the pussy power
They know they got the pussy
They know they got the power
They can have it any time, any place, any hour

Now sometimes little homies just don't know
Decieving looks of the beauty to the scandelous hoes
Got the toes all popping when she's giving you blow
But the bitch is Poison like Bel Biv Devoe
And I know, that the bitch don't love you
Little homie got sprung when she hugged you
Don't fall in love now, don't get attached
Cuz you ain't loving her homeboy you love the snatch
All they really want is just to get dubbed
Electrifying so you're thinking till they pull the plug
You can page all you want, but to them you're just bugging
Cuz they ain't tripping on you, they're probably fucking
Pussy call the penis name like a magnet
And they're the ones deciding when you can have it
Easy as one two three
Drop the thong, spread 'em out, now it's open sesame

[Chorus x2]

Now all it takes is some attitudes and some mood swings
To have her searching for another ding-a-ling
Swinging on the dick like Tarzan
To catch them slipping, get them slapped with the hard hand
Now if you're smart you'll be like Eazy-E, just throw it in the gutter
And go find another, and pass it to your little baby brother
If he's down to hit
Cuz relationships nowadays is just bullshit
Bitches ain't tripping if a motherfucker's faithful
The year 2-G, where everybody pays bro
You're loving her, but she's probably playing you
Scandelous ass bitches use their body as a tool
Just to get a good screw, bust a nut or two
Then leave the scene all clean like nobody knew
So as long as they know they got that hoe, believe it bro
Them bitches are always gonna have some control

[Chorus x2]