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Artist: Young Sicc f/ Knightowl
Album:  Spread the Word
Song:   Represent
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[Young Sicc]
Oh yeah
Back up in the house for that Y2K shot
Young Sicc aka Frank Nitty
With my dog Knightowl
What's up dog
Keeping it real baby
You know what I'm saying
We're gonna show you fools how to represent
Represent that Dago style
Killer Cal style, baby

[Young Sicc]
Well it's that E-double S-E represent to the fullest
The mic is like a nine homeboy, don't make me pull this
Trigger if you figure that you can hang with us
Ese Sicc in the brain, click click, shoot 'em up shoot 'em up, bang bang
Be ready to throw them thangs and drop them bombs on ya
And this is how we do it in that Southern Killafornia
G's carry rags and represent your true colors
And if you ask me it feels good to be that Mexican brother
I handle my own and mind my own
But if you try to step you best believe it's going to be going down dog
Dropping bombs, stomping fools like King Kong
Take my steel-toes off your head and then I'm gone
So just recognize and watch your little step
Or be like American Me and catch that sharp shank to your neck
But I ain't trying to trip, just letting you know where I stand
Coming sick with this shit and representing Mexicans

[Chorus x2: Young Sicc]
Represent like it ain't no thang
Represent staying true to the game
Represent when we're out just hanging, banging, swanging
Represent that neighborhood gang

Better believe I represent reality, my street mentality
Will bring the pain, so don't get caught up in the game
The life I lead was not exactly what I chose
Hanging out on corner and drinking brew with winos
Smoking on the lala, the sound of fucking valas
Through the night up in the city where it's wicked, Dago where I kick it
G's all around me, mobbing through the county
Don't ever step and try and cross the line or you will find me
Got my boy Frank Nitty going off on your committee
You wanna get brave, we'll give that ass an early grave
Little youngsters throwing up their shit
And ain't knowing I'm a G
I'm part of the reason shit goes down up in the SD
We represent this to the fullest, and I'm quick to pull a jale
Me vale madre, chinga tu madre
The loc'est of them all, I'm guaranteed to make you fall
Victim all up in the ghetto cuz I wear the fucking metal baby

[Chorus x2]

[Young Sicc]
I represent everywhere I go and where I be at
Creased up Levis, Chuck Taylors and that San Diego hat
That grey pulled over sweater, Mexicans sticking together
Through tough situations, any kind of weather
Rolling in Impalas, Regals and Cadillacs
Homies got that San Diego tatted on their backs
And even on their arms, head and the chest
But this is how we do it on that wicked ass West
G's come out the pen, they're all sleeved up
So approach the wrong G and watch that ass get beat up
I'm only duece-one but got family that taught me well
And they got all kinds of stories to tell, laying low like a shell
Avoid sand getting kicked up in your face
You recognize or get put in your place
I always stay quiet and listen to what my family had to say
And thank 'em that I got to live to see another day

[Chorus x2]