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Artist: Young Sicc f/ Mr. Lil' One, Youngstah
Album:  Spread The Word
Song:   Nicklebags
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[Mr. Lil One]
Haha, check it out
A lot of people be asking me "Yo Lil' what the fuck is a nicklebag?"
Well I'm gonna break it down to you like this
A nicklebag is a fucking hoe
That sucks dick, and swallows cum
And cheats on her man, and takes it up the butt
Breaking it down to you like this

[Mr. Lil One]
Well I'm all up in these hynas vaginas
Baby you the finest woman in my city
Giving up the kitty, do-wah-diddy
Even when we fuck I can see it in your titty
See the situation about to turn wild
Take you to the crib, we can fuck all night, right
Giving me the look of a crook but wait
Heard some kind of bullshit, now you want to hate
But it ain't even like that, plus you got that feeling
And you don't want to fight that, look up at the ceiling
Lay your head back and twist your legs back
Freaky little bitch how I bet you love that
Now lay back and enjoy all the rest
With the Sicko be the status tatted on my chest
Bye bye baby, thank you for the skins
I'll catch you on the rebound the party never ends

[Chorus: Mr. Lil One]
Nicklebags, got them all sprung
Nicklebags, jocking Mr. Lil One
Nicklebags, roaming in my city
Nicklebags, swinging off Frank Nitty
Nicklebags, with their face full of cum
Nicklebags, jock my little homie Young
Nicklebags, roaming worldwide
Dirty ass, filthy ass trick in sight

Dum diddy dum now she's looking yum yum
But she's trying to pull tight, wanna put up a fight
Shit ain't nobody tripping watch me get my composure
I bet by tonight she's doing drills like a soldier
Told you, oh now there she goes trying to play innocent
I'm bringing out the hoe with the best of them
Testing them, scratching off the rest of them
Never gave a shit, I'll make your mom suck dick
You know what you do, why you trying to act stupid
Ain't no love story, I'm the G that killed Cupid
Nothing but the dog because the dog is what I be
Why the fuck you getting mad, man I call them like I see
If you act like a hoe, you get treated like a hoe
And if you're supposed to be a trick, catch a mouth full of dick
Got to stay this way all day Sicko
Sicc, Young and One calling bitches all nickle


[Young Sicc]
Now let me sit down on the chair, baby sit up on the totem pole
Thinking I'm in love but I ain't got no love for the hoe
Play the role well, give a couple hickies
You know I'm kind of drunk so you know I can't be picky
Shoot the sticky sticky white nut up in the mouth
Take my time, do it right, work it down south
And then I'm out, leave without a trace
Eighteen be legit cuz I ain't trying to catch a case
Now I heard you have a man and your man had a fit
Baby understand that your man ain't shit
But if he wanna trip, bring him, he can watch
Give me just a minute while I hit it non stop
And scratch the bitch off like a dog has an itch
Rule number one, never trust a bitch
Nicklebag sluts, nicklebag hoes
Everybody knows how the story goes