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Artist: Young Sicc
Album:  Spread The Word
Song:   Can We Spend Some Time
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This is a little something for them love birds out there
Yeah, you know it's all good homie
When you're posted up, chilling with the homies once in a while
But sometimes you just wanna go back home to your lady
You know what I'm saying, cuz ain't no place I'd rather be
Baby be hitting me up like 'Baby, let's kick it'
I'm like 'Cool, I'ma show you cool baby'
Check it out dog

Now you're the perfect lady that I crave
Bombay looks, smooth ass legs
Got the punani all trimmed and shaved
Sexy and wild but don't misbehave
You say you want a young thug in your life
Drinking is cool, but no drugs in your life
Ain't no hating on that girl, I can respect
Arguments here and there but nobody's perfect
Since day one we've been on the connect
Take a visit at work, right off Prospect
See me and baby girl, we got it like that
I ain't tripping on her and she ain't on my back
You wanna kick it with your homegirls, cool
Cuz I'ma kick it with my homeboys too
But when you come back through, I'ma swoop on through
Take you home, making love, and I'm whoop on you, shit

[Chorus x2]
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Spending time just you and me
Sipping on some alize
Making love all kinds of ways

Now we can sip on sex on the beach
And while we're at it have sex on the beach too
Witness how a thug Mexicano gonna freak you
Wanna teach class, well let me teach you
Sit down and have a seat boo
Spread em out and let daddy eat you
You say you're missing me when I'm with my crew
Just to come back home and knowing what you wanna do
Cuz I been with you so long, I know what turns you on
You never hesitate to pick up the phone
And letting daddy know when you're ready to bone
She love to get it on when we're on the couch
Apply the hickies, tounge kiss in the mouth
Straight mobbing like a Bonnie and Clyde
Straight dip, skip to the Southeast side

[Chorus x2]

See I know what kind of sex you like, drinks you like
And all the precious little things you like
White Russians and Blue Hawaiians
Tecate with lime, baby girl don't deny it
Cuz that's the main drink that gets you horny
All it takes is maybe two and you'll be on me
Got the leather coat and Armani cologne
Little big man and punani, it's on
Don't listen to what your ladies say
Cuz they jealous trying to turn you away
Nobody does it better like me and you
Think of all the drama that we've been through
From the highs and lows to the thick and the thin
You're still hanging in, that's why I comprehend
That you're riding with your man until the wheels fall off
Satisfied in knocking boots until the heels come off

[Chorus x2]

So what's up baby
You gonna ride with me till the wheels fall off
Yeah I know sometimes you be missing me and stuff
But you know I'm up in the studio, trying to make this money
You feel me, don't be getting all mad at me
When I be chilling with the homies once in a while
Hit the avenue, hitting switches and stuff
Cuz you know I'd rather be with you
But sometimes, you know I just gotta go handle my business, you feel me
Im'a come back home you know, some Alize Red Passion
Couple Coronas with lime or something, Tecate with lime
And we gonna do our thing