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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Bun B
Album:  Trunk Muzik 0-60
Song:   Good to Go
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[Chorus 2X: Yelawolf]
Good to go, good to go
Good to go, good to go
Fresh kicks (all day) new 'fits (all right)
Drop hits (all day) then party (all night)

Walk with a limp and I talk with a lingo
Party with a bunch of bad girls in a Pinto
Run up on a motherfucker with a dull pencil
Sharpen up my #2 on his new Benz-o
Hit the brakes, hold up wait, make you do an indo
Put the bass in ya face, you can feel the tempo
Yela's in the place, grab a stencil
You should wanna get a copy of style I lend yo'
ass, the man's so bad
From Alabama with a banjo, clap clap
Sling blades like I'm Rambo, fix that
I don't wanna hear shit buddy, that's that
Can't get a buzz well run back to the bar
Pick another drink, get ready to blow
Send me your telephone number bitch
Maybe when I'm ready to roll I'll hit you with the totem poll
But right now I'm


[Bun B]
Well boy you wanna do it, shit let's get to it
You already know I'ma run right through it
I'm just like fluid, matter fact like water
Cause I'ma be realer, go a lil' harder
Hide your girlfriend, wife or daughter
Put it on a plate I'ma serve your order
Line 'em up, put 'em in place for the slaughter
Game over by the end of first quarter
Wake up hater, rise and shine
I'm a star while you're ridin pine
I got your main girl ridin mine
Her face in my lap as I recline
It's grindin time and I declare
I run my fingers through her hair
I run these streets like marathon
+You Can't Touch Me+ like Hammer, gone~!
I'm good


Bitch you know I got Bun B in the front seat
and we got these boppers on the chrome!
One time for ya boy Pimp C
+Pocket Full of Stones+! Yeah
I got a pocket full of stones
cause I fell off my dirt bike in cargo pants
I rock a microphone literally
Litter the track lyrically with bottles, cans
Pop a band, put a stack on it
I'll water this plant like Aqua Man
Make a rapper run back to the studio
Retrace his steps like he dropped a gram
I'll be damned, Catfish Billy
You don't wanna run if you're rhythm ain't ready
Sling syllables, beat's edible
Incredible, inevitably, BLOW~!


[Outro: Yelawolf]
Yeah, Yelawolf, Bun B, good to go
UGK is good to go, R.I.P. Pimp C
Ghet-O-Vision, Alabama/Texas connection
Y-Yela, holler at'chee
It's good to go