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Artist: Yelawolf f/ Lil Jon, Slaughterhouse, T.I.
Album:  Hard White (Up in the Club) 12"
Song:   Hard White (Up in the Club) (Remix)
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Guess, who's, back, home?

G shit certified, nigga can't touch him
Bosses all love him, haters, well, fuck them
Bought cribs everywhere, everythang custom
Lunn{?} bun done, bougie bitches like "What's them?"
Solitaire clear stones, Maybach clear dome
Blowin on that loud pack, bankroll's full grown
Well-known convict, go on with the dumb shit
Thug Life wit it like it tatted on my stomach
Nigga better pick another number because I am not the one
The bigger picture's what's important before all is said and done
I bet I get this shit back up under my feet, bullshit aside what I want I keep
I'm the big bad wolf and I want my sheep, yo' birthday cake I want my piece
I'm beefin with MC's at the meet, it seems they're less than decent
I'm a beast and you're my feast, apologies you just can keep it
Say you're winning, guess you're being condescending and facetious
G's from sea to shinin sea, you may bump this in your Caprices

Yeah Tip
I once had a friend named Charlie and Charlie was always late to school (school)
He had a black eye one day but he wouldn't say just what happened to him (to him)
Charlie got mad in class one day and stood up with a .22 pistol
Told everybody that he couldn't take it anymore, he was over bein the victim
See, one bullet through the wall and the history class was interrupted
Charlie fell down in a pool of blood in the class that made it public
They said that the bullies in school they drove him to be a suicidal
Cause the mirrors didn't reflect the criteria of an American idol
Well, sometimes I feel like I could run through the hallways with an AK too
Not sayin that I would but it might feel good to off me a rapper or two
So, I loaded this pen with a hollow tip and I followed Tip
to the hollow pits of my heart, the shit for you to role model with
Take a fifth of Jack and swallow it, take a point shell and hollow it
Don't be the one with the gun, be the one with the rum, plus two models with
all the kids, listen up, Yelawolf don't give a fuck about a club
I don't wanna see you in school tryin to do what I do tellin folks you gon' +Pop the Trunk+
Make somethin of somethin or somethin from nothin, baby wake up
Play "Radioactive" let me see the reaction, see if I really give a fuck

[Chorus: Lil Jon + Yelawolf]
UP IN THE CLUB - still don't give a fuck!

[Crooked I]
Uh, 9-millimeter, ride with a heater, drive with a liter, I'm finna need a mic and a speaker
I'm finna be the prominent leader, confidence eater, tell competition "Hasta la vista" (ow!)
Dawg, you puttin my name in the middle of sucker shit
is somethin like you gettin raped by a stranger cause you do not know who you're fuckin with
Crooked is a product of the S-L-A-,U-G-H-,T-E-R
You "ha ha" funny, I had money when the DVD was a VCR
Niggaz about to need CPR when they see the car, kill 'em, dead
Might pull over, fuck my chauffeur, cause I screw-drivers, Phillips head
Then I'ma tell her to take me to Yela, gettin fucked up I ain't feelin embarrassed
The feelin in the air is the 2.0's party like niggaz and wiggaz in Paris

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Nickel-Nine a rider rhymin at the drama, the driver firin a llama
Got a bunch of fly bitches sayin hi to me now cause a nigga said hi to Rihanna
Cause I look good (cause I look good) and I smell good (smell good) IT'S A MAN'S WORLD!
That's right, I'm the new James Brown drunk in an interview; fuck you finna do? (Nothin)
What I'm finna do is go to the strip club and order eight bricks (what you on?)
I'm on my T.I.P. in A-T-L lookin for a little pretty young thing I can escape with
(Where we goin baby?) "Radioactive," Shady gon' make it go platinum, I couldn't resist
to jump on that Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Lil Jon, "Hard White" remix!


[Joell Ortiz]
Uhh, Lil Jon let me get a little bit, I mean a minute, nothin crazy, it's just I'm a lyricist
and I've been sittin with this ridiculous venomous bite and I'm sssso ready to strike, I swing and I miss!
My dick swing and you miss, I got a missile, can't call it I might misdial
I'm in orbit listenin to Em's last album guzzlin gin, +Recoverin+ alcoholic!
Everything lookin alright, welcome to the lyricist's pub, who wanna bar fight?
In a bar so hot that you're dealin with four dope muh'fuckers and, two hard whites!
Deuces-period-crop circle, that's the +Family+ that +Matters+, I'm not Urkel
but I'm smooth as Stefan when I move to snuff on your eyeball, your shit'll look dark purple!
I'm a product of the PJ's, still walk through that motherfucker in my PJ's
Yeah I'm in J.P. Morgan often but don't think I can get chased out the PJ's
So try me punk, bet your body jump when the shotty pump, turn your body slump
Yelawolf let me rip this "Hard White" but, please, don't, make, me, +Pop the Trunk+

[Joe Budden]
Uhh, I - roll that window down and start dumpin, pull up on whatever blocks that y'all on
Pills got a nigga walkin 'round doin stupid shit, my definition of an Oxy-moron
They ain't never stop me from gettin a bad one, I would tell niggaz again but they heard the story
Furthermore he got a couple I ain't bust but it's no need to rush, they reserved it for me
See I'm all about fam, I don't fuck with the rest, goons that'll squeeze 'til a couple is left
The squad's a fašade, it's all smoke and mirrors yellin payback, too broke to cover the debt
But I'm grown, adults, and weather that shit you say you don't reciprocate love and respect
You get plugged, and you're gon' need doctors to cover your holes as if they dubbin over cassettes
You probably didn't hear me, stand on the couch get froggy and breakin any bottle that's near me
So real I don't need a hollow to prepare me, I'm the first one in the hood to catch a body usin Siri
Cause they be thinkin that I seem crazy, money-motivated, cream make me
way out your league, go and dream maybe, T.I., Team Shady