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Artist: f/ Planet Asia
Album:  Lost Change
Song:   Ev Rebahdee
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Yo, y'all, ain't ready for this
Y'all, ain't ready for this
Ev-ery-bo-dy, just mooooove your body
Yo, y'all, ain't ready for this
Y'all, ain't ready for this (Check it out)
[Planet Asia]
Aiyyo we straight raw, make you whyl out and break jaws
And break laws from Hollywood Hills to Lake Charles 
Knock niggaz right off the park like baseballs 
Lace y'all, whip up the cake to make more 
By the lake shore thinkin to myself, now what you waitin for? 
We 'bout to take it all, from here to the Great Walls 
Keep it movin y'all, just let your backbones slide 
Now act live with soul of the black hand side
With more fire than before, back makin you bounce 
will, what the deal? (We in the house turnin it out~!) 
On some smash hit rap shit, nothin but that fat shit 
Cause what's kung-fu flick if it doesn't have backflips? (WAH! Psh!! WAH!)
Fuck that wack shit, get held on the hardest 
Cause weez about to take slots of all you well-known artists 
It goes, one for my grimey cats, two for the chickens 
Three for the dick riders and the party politikins 
It's on, now everybody in the place get dumb 
And have a fit cause this year we 'bout to SHOW you where we comin from 
Everybody in the place get dumb 
And have a fit cause this year we 'bout to SHOW you where we comin from
[Chrous:] (Planet Asia)
Ev-ery-bo-dy, just mooooove your body
 (It don't get no bigger than this 
  All my peoples in the house come get a little of this) 
Feel what I feel, cause I feel sensation 
 (C'mon bounce, we 'bout to turn it up a bit 
  with 'nough to spit, y'all cats can't touch my clique)
When I hit you with ridiculous, talent you sit and just 
try to predict my shit, but I'm too inconspicuous 
Quick and spontaneous, crushin miscellaneous 
Aim a missile at your an-e-us, it's insanious indigenous, in other words original 
You couldn't figure this out, if I showed you visuals 
or blueprints of how I get on, I'm kinda dominant 
I got souls like if you at church with predominantly 
blacks in the audience, so dig the ambiance 
I kill the beat, that's why I left up in the ambu-lance 
I do that kinda often to keep these people bouncin
Bouncin up to Boston, to whylin down in Austin 
Continental crossin, visitin your blocks and villages 
The willages, the meanin' of the hot
Got, all your people just bouncin to the beat 
will and the Planet Asia here to combat y'all to move your feet 
[Chorus 2X]
You know it's time to bounce when the beat bang 
Equivalent to when you sweatin when the heat came 
Ain't no competin to's thing, you could pull a hamstring 
when I light the flamin and burn like propane 
And stay cool like Kool & The Gang 
I remain the main brain in the campaign 
Too many people doin the same thang 
Too many R&B chicks who can't sang 
Too many shooters with no aim 
I change the rules to this dead game 
From now on I be speedin in the slow lane 
Runnin over brothers in my Soul Train 
No band got notion, nay other be the brother to blame
Mash up up in the club and in the show mayne
And I keep my beats tight like fat women in small planes, huh 
That's exactly how I'm doin it uh, how I be doin it 
This is how we be doin it, ya, ya, we doin it 
(Get live, mother-)
[Chorus 2X]