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Artist: White Boy f/ Twista
Album:  No Gray Area
Song:   Roll Wit' Me
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[Hook  x2 - Twista]
Now we can cruise through the night cause I'm feelin' you shorty
You seem like you the cool type can I chill wit' you?, come
Roll wit' me so we can smoke on some beads
Sip a little bit of Hennessy and get close while we come up on G's

[White Boy]
Ay yo' check the flo', got you gone off X and dro
Professional, work her body like a vet fo' sho'
Hipnotic how she sex the flo'
Real hoes get down on the flo', get down on the flo'

It's a stick up, gimme ya booty
Cuties in Prada, Louie, Fendi and Gucci
Shorty swingin' my way come and post wit' me
In V.I.P. where the rollers drink
Floss diamonds and rolls on golden links
Ma' you lookin' good enough to take home to eat
Cause you priceless and I'm the nicest, buy fits
Surprise you wit' nice gifts mind click like a physic
Let me step through, they like
Who is this light skinned white kid wit' the white kicks all white fit
Breath boo, I'm like move, cause his chick is on my dick


[White Boy]
Baby I can be your superman
Come swoop you up, in the all white suit with plans
Take you on a cruise through lands
Hold tight boo don't loose my hand, I got a fetish for you
Kinda shaky when I met up wit' you
You's a heartbreaker baby, I think I ain't ready for you
But the way you stand steady in boots
Make ya man wanna spend his chedda' on a fetish for you
I say I love you once, you say I love you twice
Type a chick that won't buzz for a blunt but a thug for life
I understand your loyalty, honor, and trust
And the way you spoile me you got me screamin out
Mami and stuff, it's like ya hobby is us
Boo you promised enough, makin' it work wit' holij and such
Why I'm shakin' up work tryna make a dolla' for us, fo' sho'
Yeah, let's go

[White boy - talking]
Yeah shawty, C'mon, Let's go, Yeah

[Hook 'til fade]