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Artist: W.C., Dre'sta, Young Shane
Album:  Thicker Than Water O.S.T.
Song:   Survival of the Fittest
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Uh, dat's riir, niir!
Back once again, it's Dub C: the shadiest
Introducing ya'll to the newest members of my clique: 
Young Shane, wit Young Hogs, Dre'sta the Gangsta
and we are: Bandana Swangin' Productions	(Yo, Toones!)

Can you feel this realness? Nothin' can save ya
From the school full of big tails, Dickies and Ben Davis
The one and only witta chrome pistole
For those who don't know me: Bandana Swangin' Parole
Dub witta capital 3rd letter
Down for whatever, whenever takin' the berettas to bangin' for cheddar
Forever bailin' in my overalls and work- (?)
Breakin' jaws
Dre'sta the Gangsta, Dub C and the Young Hogs

[Young Shane]
It's the young Desperado! My model is to bang foe the hood, 
bring the pain foe the hood, cuz it's all tooted good
On the reala, a young killa, a young thrilla, mashin'
the enemy goes down for (?) scrilla
To whom it may concern: fool, I need a "Burn" like Militia
All ridas creepin' about to getcha
It's the same, loc, don't get it twisted when I bail through
One Bandana Swangin' wit bottles on both sides

Survival of the fittest and we wit this
Who wanna witness? All my rides wit hustle handle their business (?) 
Survival of the fittest and we wit this
Who wanna witness? All my ladies wit hustle handle their business (?) 
Survival of the fittest and we wit this
Who wanna witness? Real rides, be wise and handle your business
Survival of the fittest and we wit this
Who wanna witness? Bandana Swangin' [be bangin' and bringin' their business]

Mic check, 1, 2, what you bustas wan' do or gon' do?
Now that real rides are upon you. I warned you and alarmed you!
The bandanas will be swangin' when we swarm through, was born to!
[Cap to make the minds of all remainin'  (?)] 
 Make these girls and the thugs in the club dance.
Dre'sta the Gangsta makin' you bang your head and bounce
Shout from the West to East, Midwest and Dirty South!
Dub C, my niir, yeah
Young Hogs born to thug wit me and Muggs 
and Green Bug California Love, homie (?) chases only, 
women upon me, never phony, get it lonely, you can ride upon me
Lyrically fictive (?) be the loc'est 
whack rappers claiming' dat they're the dopest
When hopeless brothers be the brokest
Saddest song dat you ever heard
Shinin some light on all you bustas like the Ghetto bird!
And that's (?)


Ugh! Ah, Good Evening! Do not attempt to adjust your radio!
Ain't nuttin' wrong, we have taken control to bring you the special show:
Bandana Swangin'! Who me? Huh, I'm known as Dub C alias the shadiest one.
Ey, Dre'sta, what you got?

I got a slug foe every mug dat wanna look at me evil
And got a clutch foe all fake thugs and scandalous people. 
If you test Dre it's suicide. Lyrical drive by 
Makin' sure you suckas die. Only ya bye-bye (?) 
And the moves (?) of the 5-0 got rappers study
And us gangstas like revival since my arrival.
And roll wit hogs dat get it's on, raw and ball till we fall
And revolve all broads to (??)

From the land of the scandalous, sho dogs and locs
I represent the chronic (?) and smashes of gun smoke.
For this box Regal to Martinis (?) sippers on a do low
3 time felons, double eye for [strinkin' pulo (?)], you know
The shadiest, shadiest wanted ‘em all but call
Dub C the Ghetto manifesto, still standin' tall
Bandana Swangin' till the wheels fall off
And all my momma bear the realest niirs to ever lay ya'll 

Chorus: [2x]