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Artist: W.C. f/ Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Ghetto Heisman
Song:   187 Um Burgers
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* Music From 'The Streets' fades out in the background

[Nate Dogg]
I'm gonna roll (I'm gonna roll)
I'm gon' stay fly (I'm gonna stay fly)
I'm gonna bust (I'm gonna bust)
Hold my hood up high (throw my hood up high)
In the name of the streets
I'm gonna roll (I'm gonna roll)
I'm going rich ride (I'm going rich ride)
I'm gonna ball (I'm gonna ball)
Hold my hood up high
In the name of the streets

[Snoop Dogg]
This the itty-bitty nigga from the city they call L.B.
What you know about the D-O-G?
I keep my peeps with a bag of treats
On the streets my nephews beat your beat and keep that heat
In the Cut..

[Conversation between WC and 187 Um Burgers' servant]
[W.C.] I'm hungry than a motherfucker, let's get us something now

[187U] Aiy nigga, turn that shit down

[W.C.] What? my sound is too loud

[187U] No nigga, that raggedy ass car

[W.C.] Fuck you bitch

[187U] Anyway, welcome for That Gangster Shit, can a take your order?

Yeah, I want the hood special
Hook a nigga up with some of that Gangster Shit
With extra banged out sauce on it

[187U] Nigga, is that all?

[W.C.] For Sure

[187U] Aiy uhh.. hook this nigga up..