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Artist: Virtuoso f/ Casual, Del
Album:  World War One: The Voice of Reason
Song:   All We Know
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Utilizing all we know
True to life and
Ten-Four I read you
Your see through
I don't believe you
It ain't what your skin hides that's inside

Sliding in key locks locked in the detox
Amazing escape, an invasion plots
Black stone, chiropractor crack you backbone
Spectacular when I rapture ya, it's on
And after I masquerade this mic massacre
Last of the "B-Boy" masters fill casters
High-roller, lash the beat
Fantastically and put em' fast asleep
Don't discuss this travesty with his majesty
My styles make bullies look bashful
Y'all heard of casual, I get an (?)
I rhyme in every minute to be miniaturized
Squeeze the chalice, till my hands get calices
Challengers get they ass kicked into spastic paralysis
I place pillows in cigarillos
Stuff them bitches to their thickest dildos
A nigga will though, marinate till I mildew
Off a brute dub-sack then and I peel too
Y'all niggas shook like seizures
You skeez' us, please us and I leaves ya
Rampant, with your tramp in her hamptons
Amped' bout' to run throught they camp then I'm vamping
Like a champion, having fun when I run this

{All we know} Utilizing
{All we know} True to life and
Ten-Four I read you
Your see-through
I don't believe you
{It ain't what your skin hides that inside}

This is the source so know that we hitting you off
I'm forward progress increased with centrifugal force
And as I listen I think who did the mixing on your weak sound
That lacks essential punches like the presidential recount
Deep down address the state of my being
And break in museums to take back our freedom from snakes and demons
We end off, when that cat rap it's Ten-Four
Your see-through, I read you they speak your memoirs
Flash ridiculous flows, master physicist
They be like yo that's the hypnotist the way I get with chicks
Sick of this pre-imposed regiment, we disclose evidence
Of the societal foes decadence
The righteous, we gaining advantage we banish sharks of Satan
Battle the biggest star fuck it bring on a constellation
Watch how I kill and fray the Milky Way the silky spray
Filthy gray clouds, to send them to Earth to slay crowds
In evil assemblages, walk straight mind control of cerebral appendages
So it'll lead to your hemorrhages
Quite likely, cuz' you spread roomers your might fight me
But neglectly to write nightly thinking my hype might be
Overblown, but I'm the most powerful of Jehovah's clones
Poison will, thought they said poison milk from the Cobra's pulm
Figure is Virtuoso slay hard
In a rave squad, with brave guards and layed them in the graveyard

{All we know} Utilizing
{All we know} True to life and
Ten-Four I read you
Your see-through
I don't believe you
{It ain't what your skin hides that inside}

Deep within we begin through the grass and moss
Spent a wife from the plantation planned grand larsany
My state's malnutrition a low adjustment what's this
Identify then decide
Virtuoso was hopeful, "Cas" was aggrivated
I knew he had to make it, any task taken
Sink or swim, die young or live in wrinkled skin
Only look again cuz' homies think cuz' thinkin' in
The same civilization, my pen is inkin' it
Of the wise they a minus cuz' wise is a mindset
Dumb, deaf, blind and no time reminding
Your ass stays greedy, needy while I fast
And I'm a start there leave em' marked there
That every thought's clear and concise
They say they lived twice
And try and do me like Christ with spice
Dancing with Manson but I ain't that type alright
A fly "Cas-wise", crack survival tactics
Relax and meditate and apply the math-quick
Get solutions, skip institutions
Strong constitution for our retribution