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Artist: Vanderslice f/ Big Twins, Conway the Machine, Prodigy
Album:  The Best Album Money Can Buy
Song:   Hardbody Karate
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Contrary to your bullshit opinion
I been the best rapper alive since the beginning
Er'ry rapper check my shit, see what they missin
Your words not powerful enough, they not hittin
Your jewelry game wack, dog, your piece too brolic for your lick (hah!)
I'll pop ya lil' chain like a string
I been gettin fresh to death, ever since the late 80s'
I was just a lil' boy gettin grown ladies (ay)
Very advanced, ahead of my time
Remind you about these things called guns you ever try
2017, nothing changed with me
You niggaz still can't rap for shit, same story
Homie - that's all you got?
That's the only lyrics you can come up with, my guy?
That's the outfit you came out the house with? My God
May the fashion god damn you and curse your seed
May your jeweler charge too much and turn your neck green (eww~!)
Maybe now you'll learn now, no one would ever be this dope
Hip-hop population control
We need to get rid of thousands of rappers (all y'all) gotta go

[Conway the Machine]
Look, true shit, I had to use my hammer twice (uh-huh)
I had to set example, I will cancel life (Don't fuck with me, nigga!)
Half of yam of white for a handsome price
Water whip the brick and flip the yam tonight (yea)
Woo! - That's the kinda shit that I been on
50 shot AK, get my Osama on (BRR-R-R-R-R-R!)
I can't get to you, I get your baby mama gone (C'mere, bitch!)
+Somebody's Gotta Die+, I get my Chris Wallace on (HAHAHA~!)
MVP every season, I feel like I'm Lebron
20 racks every time I perform (HAAAAAH!!)
Hit the Mazzi lot and just pick and choose (VROOM!)
Pony hair on the Christian Lou's (Y'know the blood bottoms)
You must got this shit confused (Get 'em twisted, nigga)
Last nigga try and shot the nigga 'til he didn't move (Boom-BOOM!)
He think he ill but I'm iller (naw)
I ain't gotta say it, you can look at me and tell I'm a killer, motherfucker!

[Big Twins]
Been diggin this lane for a little while
Never thought I'd be rappin as a juvenile (word up)
It's kinda funny how life always works out
I just do what I do, I'm not the best out
Got bitches in Russia, with they tits out (Waddup, ma?)
While I'm rockin the stage, they tryna get close
My songs like drugs, they might overdose
Trap rappers got the game in a choke hold
With them tight-ass jeans, them niggaz homos (hahaha!)
Yeah, I'm just laughin to the fuckin bank (let's go)
Celebratin everyday that I'm still here
Yeah, we +Infamous+ and we never fear
On the top of the food chain, it's my year
My shotgun can make you disappear 
Moms all stressed out, face full of tears