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Artist: UGK f/ Middlefingaz, Slim Thug, Vicious
Album:  Underground Kingz
Song:   Take Tha Hood Back
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[Bun B.  Intro]
Yeah nigga, the hood is FUCKED up right now
You niggaz got shit all crossed-up, niggaz got the game real twisted right now
You niggaz is really hustlin wrong, you niggaz got your grind wrong, manye
I gotta watch you hoe-ass niggaz 
It's time for the teacher to sit back in the front of the class, nigga
Right over the blackboard and teach you hoe-ass niggaz the rules, nigga
Cause ain't nobody showing you niggaz, how to get money the right way 
if you gon get money, bitch, cuase you gon fuck E'RYBODY money up on the real!

[Bun B.]
Now all my hustlers, grinders and ballers - open up your mind
A lot of niggaz hustlin backwards, need to press rewind
There's some niggaz playin dirty pool, bad Cali banditss
They crossin up the Trill and man ya boy just cain't stand it
Motherfuckers need to be repremanded and straight jacked
These boys is givin the wrong niggaz out here respect
Break ya neck to fuck wit a nigga that compromise ya hood
Ya doin shit you know it cool until the good
got kids movin work, hustlin by the school
Using youngsters, they hits states, this whole shit on the cool
Matter fact, fuck the cool! You niggz need to hear me
Breakin bread with certified snitches, don't come near me (don't come near me) 
You niggaz givin these canaries all these passes
Fuck gettin dough wit a snitch - get in they asses!
I'm teachin classes, Dope Slangin 101
These hoe-ass niggaz don't want, none of Bun - I'm takin the hood back

[Chorus: Slim Thug]
Niggaz gettin knocked goin fed and six months ya back?
Off with his head, we takin the hood back
Damn! I coulda swore they gave ya ass ten flat
Now you're home, somethin wrong - we takin the hood back
You liar, aight? But he ain't got it like that..
HELL NAW! We takin the hood back
We in the club like it's good, and in the hood and you a rat
Click-clack motherfucker! We takin the hood back

[Middlefingaz member #1]
I'm a G, hell yeah! I don't bull
Got ya bitch lookin mad while them Fingaz so full
I drank hard while you niggaz drank Bull
But the boy like Diddy fed, +Band+ got pulled
And I was taught to hold my own 
Picture spider lock ya down, brother burna zone, nigga
Hell yea, I'm bout dat, shirt slacks all black 
Come through sunny side and leave yo house flat

[Middlefingaz member #2]
Yeah I grind for the paper, fuck small towns, go major
Fuck a cell phone, goin pagers
It's young low Frazier, shoot good with no lasers
and every shot hit {*gunshot*} I don't throw no grazer
Some killa talk nigga, and real talk nigga
Middlefingaz' a ridah, whoever killed off nigga
And I put that on Pat, Screw, and Steve
Young low bitch, I clap you and leave, hoe
We takin the hood back


A thousand-eight grams, enough to get yo ass right
Ya smart wit it, get caught wit it, enough to get yo ass life
From out here in these trenches ain't no FUCKIN love or second chance
Small-time offender, lose yo ass, you get enhanced
Speak not, keep yo mouth shut, investigate the whole place
Make 'em think it's cool, follow that nigga round the whole day
The game ain't the same at all changed for the worst..
Nigga got the less time cause he came wit it first
See I disperse to dope the most convicted felons - strictly G's
No more Glock shit - rock shit, strictly keys
I gets my paper, I was taught by older niggaz 
Cold blooded killas, dope dealers, Sodom niggaz 
I'm alert (alert), I'm aware (aware), I'm focused, I'm on top of shit
I show you how to stop that bitch, get ig'nant wit this choppa bitch
Tomorrow ain't promised - snitch today, die tonight
We know your spot, me and my niggaz gon ride tonight!


[Pimp C.]
I'm takin back the streets, thang on the C..
On parole but I'm cold wit the heat
Candy coated rock baller (ugh!), twenty-chop crawler (ugh!)
Bitches tryna steal my dick, I ain't bout to call her (ugh!)
Theres a lot of niggaz rappin, playin games
I don't see none of the shit that you name
Where the car at? (uh!) Where the bread at? (uh!)
Where the girl you say that got that "five head" at? (uh!)
Where the rocks at? (uh) Where the glocks at? (uh)
In yo mind and on the mic - the only place it's at!
That's my lifestyle you rappin bout
I'm havin everything you pussy niggaz yappin 'bout
When you see some cocaine 
you say you got it nigga, bring me ten thaaaaaaangs
He gotta call his connect and shit
And he ain't got you co-na-vict -  nigga I'm takin my hood back!

[Chorus til fade]