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Artist: UGK
Album:  Underground Kingz
Song:   Heaven
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: Pimp C]
I wonder if it's a heaven up there for real G's
For all the niggaz in the game that be sellin cheese
I wonder if it's a heaven up there for real G's
For all the niggaz in the game, in the game - uhh~!

[Pimp C]
I wonder if it's a heaven for all the drug dealers
For all the hot boys, strippers and the thug niggaz
Uhh - my wife you can say a nigga drank too
She ain't bad, she what you doin what the paper do
I wonder if they got a spot for all the Tupacs
Dawgs in pens and the boys with the weed spots
I keep a pistol on me cause these niggaz got 'em too
Run up on me nigga I'm gon' do what I gotta do
(If lovin Screw is wrong, I don't wanna be right)
Sippin art and smokin Lite Brite
The preacher talkin 'bout us in the pulpit
Behind closed doors he be on some day shit
I'm out here in the streets this ain't no place to play bitch
Show some weakness come up better catch a case bitch
I wanna change, but this the wrong time
I wanna stop, but these niggaz is harder now

[Chorus] - 2X

[Bun B]
Late at night, when I'm layin off in the bed
Countin bread, some crazy shit be goin through my head
I be wonderin 'bout this life that I live (that I live)
Aiyyo God got some better shit he can give (he can give)
I wonder if it's a better place for the innocent kids
In the ghetto they gotta suffer for shit that they ain't did
By no fault of they own, goin through struggles and strife
Havin to deal with a fucked up life (that's cold)
I know they thinkin nobody knows, or nobody cares
Why can't nobody see the shit, when everybody stares
Man we losin the children, we losin the youth
Cause you motherfuckers won't tell 'em the truth
So they runnin 'round unprepared, and uninformed
It's understood that's why the hood is dumpin on 'em
We gotta show 'em it's a better way (F'REAL) at any cost
Cause they the future if we don't save 'em then we already lost mayne

[Chorus] - 2X

[Pimp C]
I wonder if I'm gon' ever see Screw again
One foot in the street, got one foot in the pen

[Bun B]
Got me wonderin if it's a heaven for them d-boys
Cause if it is then I better get on my knees boy

[Pimp C]
I got cheese boy, I'm sellin niggaz sneeze boy
I'm playin in the candy torture rim with TV's like my Roy

[Bun B]
I'm wonderin if it's a heaven for MC's
Like the Freaky Tah's, the Big L's and B.I.G.'s

[Pimp C]
I wonder if they got a heaven for the convicts
Niggaz doin life, I saw old men in that bitch

[Bun B]
I wish today that the Lord take me away
I'd get to see my old man and I wonder what he would say

[Pimp C]
I feel that, I miss Munroe too
If I could bring him back I'd give up all this shit fool

[Bun B]
But on the cool you know what else I hope is true
They got a heaven for me and got a heaven for you, too

[Chorus] - 2X