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Artist: UGK f/ Akon
Album:  Bad as Hell 12"
Song:   Bad as Hell
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  {*cell door shuts*} {Konvict}

[Akon - Into]
Oh-kayyyyye... It's A-kon
And U-G-Kaaaaye, and U-G-Kaaaaye
And U-G-Kaaaaye, it's A-kon

[Chorus: Akon]
That girl she got me where she movin in place
Bendin in front of these people, wit dat butt in face
I want her bad as hell (hell), I'm so ready, cain't you tell?
I want her bad as hell (hell), I can't control it, cain't you tell, baby?

[Pimp C]
Show me whutcha workin wit (wit)
Ever got knocked off on a bumper kit? (kit)
I keep the Gold Magnum rubber wit some K-Y (Y)
Try to see where I'm comin/cummin from, get it in yo' eye (huh)
I like it when you get DAHHHOWN like a gurl suppose (pose)
Roll on her donk but get dat shit up out yo' nose (nose)
Is that where all your money goes? (goes)
I spend mine on Benz and Vogues
Voices choices, get on the pole
Slide down, move around and bring the money back home
Heeeee ain't pimp, he's a clone
Gurl wanna eat my dick when dey smell my cologne
I'm so +Th'owed in Da Game+ like Pat
The gurl can't ball, but the muthafucka fat
GURRRRL, whatcha gon' do wit all dat?
Pimp C, you miss tease, I dine from the back (from the back)


[Bun B]
She was, 36-24-40
Centerfold stallion, the, life of the party
All eyes on her, and that goes for me too
Five-inch heels and a dress that's see-thru (dayum!)
As soon as I saw her, I knew that it was time (it was time)
As soon as she saw me, she knew that she was mine (she was mine)
If this is a dream, then I don't wanna wake
and it this is as good as it seems, c'mon you gotta shake (gotta shake)
Her body's not real, it look like Crumb drew here
If she don't step to me, I finna run to her
And off top, man, my mouth'll drop man
For a minute, it felt like the world just stopped, man (dayum!)
It started again, now I'm startin to feel
like I could really give baby girl the heart of a trill
And once you got the heart (heart), you got the dough
But right now we gots to go, 'cause baby girl gots to know


[Pimp C]
They +Boyz+, we +Men+, they +On Bended Knees+
Make her disappear, you ant the Texas Tea
Gurls in France like Texas D
They say, "Ooooooh la la, ah-OUI-OUI!"

[Bun B]
Well merci beaucoup, baby girl you know you
got the hot +butter+ that my +knife+ gotta go through
Sometimes it cuts slow, sometimes it cut quick
It don't matter, because it's still good dick - c'mon!

Shawty got me open now
Shake and see what a playa holdin now
Grippin the tight, she ready to own me now
Takin her to the tele, to the mornin now
And round and round I go
When I come up and down, she go
When she come, everybody know
When we come, money's on the flo', baby