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Artist: UGK
Album:  Ridin' Dirty
Song:   Touched
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Listen up I got a story to tell
Ay fool, listen up I got a story to tell
Say dog, listen up I got a story to tell
Say man,listen up I got a story to tell
[Bun B]
Now once upon a time not long ago
A nigga like myself had to strong arm a hoe
Now this is not a hoe in the sense of having a pussy
But a pussy having no goddamn sense, try'na push me
He used to hold dick now he wanna be in my shoes
Hatin' like a baby mama 'cause I'm payin' my dues
Tryin' to hold on to my little chunk but not a punk in the parking lot bumping his gums
With his ki's in the trunk, oh what I'm supposed to jump 'cause you got a pump
You aimin' that bitch in the sky you chump
Point that motherfucker this way and dump
Oh what you scared to go to the penn
Thinkin' them niggas gon tap your rump
Man I thought he played bold but he ain't even fuss
Man the nigga was way swole actin' like he wanted to buss
But his trigger stayed cold I wasn't surprised
I recognized that fast breathin' and fear in his eyes
Unmask his disguise a sheep in wolf's clothing
On their prey, he tried to hunt the hunter
And got hunted down his goddamn self in V-A
Niggas it's where we stay
Ain't none of that K-K-K'n or playin' so see a 
Or e up out your life or you test yourself
And make a nigga break you off a piece to rest yourself
Oh yes your health is what's in question
And I hope this ass whippin' 
Teach you a motherfuckin' lesson
Speak the wrong words man and you will get touched
'Cause deep down in the South boy's come up cold
Talkin' down on my name  and what it's all about
You niggas better get some cut and get my name out
'Cause I dunno why you have plex with me
Testin' me but I'ma pull my ship and let you see
That all that carry the jack ain't able to survive
So you haters need to quit with that bull bustin'
And take another ride
[Bun B]
Niggas jumped and crossed the line
The movies got the boy fucked up in the mind
Not to mention the wine and the codeine syrup combined
Easy access to 9s
And shit talkin hoes that's fine
And all they got time for is four swisher dimes
Commititing crimes amped off water 
And some exaggerated rhyme
So if bein' hard ain't in your heart 
Then don't start niggas'll tear your weak mind apart
[Pimp C]
Bitchy old man talkin' to me like I'm in school
He don't know I hang with killers we'll erase that fool
Wouldn't give a fuck about him but he kin to my son
If you think I'm that nigga then you picked the wrong one
Cause I live by the gun die by the gun
Hot bullets burn some say that can get ya stunned
So raise your own children and don't try to raise mine
And when you see me step with caution cause I'm bustin' for mine
Speak the wrong words man and you will get touched
You done crossed the line now and you will get fucked
I already told you before but you ain't barring that
So this time I tell you man I go' fi erase you off the map
Such a shame but it's all in the game
And since the early 60's aint a damn thing changed
We got haters over here and haters over there
But I got my pistol and it ain't pointed in the air
[Pimp C]
I see you trippin' off that water and you feel like you bad
'Cause yo bitch done chose a pimp and that pimp was Chad
I see you hurt 'cause I fucked your girl
Put big dick in her world and bust nuts in her curls
When I hit it from the back she said baby I can't take it
You a simp ass nigga you told that bitch that you love her
But I'm straight up fuckin' the pussy like that nigga off in colors
But I ain't get shot cause you ain't shootin' shit
The best thing you can do is go and try and beat that bitch
'Cause this man's style showstopper pistol popper you ain't ready
If I let this hot thing hit you fool, your stomach like spaghetti
Fool you talkin' loud but you move too slow
Tellin' niggas all your plans got you tied up in a van
Nigga what the fuck is up in the place to be
First I want the money nigga then I want the fuckin' ki's
Kidnap robbery 'cause you said you wanted me dead
Since you want a nigga dead
Buck that bitch off in his head
Just like E-40 nigga I be comin' fed
Got the sawed off pump with night vision infrared
So play me like a pussy and you will get fucked
Nigga I'm hangin' out the truck b-buck buck
Hit your nigga in the leg hit your bitch in the gut
But we know where your ass stay 
So your ass will get touched
Speak the wrong words I'm high on them herbs
And you will get touched cause yo ass deserve
To get bucked real bad in front of your kids
Just to show you what a real type bitch you is
And it's your boy Mr. 3 to the 2 forever stayin' true
Just a player man cool and I gotta tell it to the 
Whole wide world how you got bitched razor necked just like
A motherfuckin' girl