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Artist: U.G.K. f/ Devin the Dude
Album:  Dirty Money
Song:   Ain't That a Bitch (Ask Yourself)
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[Pimp C]
Uhh, you stayin' with that bitch, layin' with that bitch
Fuckin' all your paper off, playin' with that bitch
At first, all you want to do was fuck with the bitch
Years passed by, now you stuck with that bitch
Ya fighting mo' and mo' now you fed up with the bitch
But you knew that was a ho when you hooked up with the bitch
But you trusted the bitch, 'cause you lust for the bitch
Ya suck on the pussy and bust nuts in the bitch
Now she around this motherfucka pregnant and shit
But a child to a bitch, is seen as nothin' but a lic
The next thing you know the bitch gotcha in court
Tryin' to getcha paper, calling it "child support"
Takin' half of yo' shit, talkin' bout a divorce
If you don't know the game, then here's a crash course
They say "You live with the bitch, so ya common law married.
And the bitch done got accustomed to the paper she been having"

(Hook: Devin the Dude)
Ain't that a bitch? (Pimp C: Ain't that a bitch?)
Ain't that a bitch?, now ask yourself ain't that a bitch?
Ain't that a bitch?

[Bun B]
I got a letter from the government, the other day
I opened, and read it, it said "Fuck UGK.
We've been watching your success ever since you niggas dropped
We would've spoke a long time, but we thought you would've flopped
Man, two niggas got some nuts, to graduate to mainstream status
From being two broke bastards from off the cuts, growing up in a town
Where population fifty thousand, only 3 high schools, but 8 sets of low-income housing
Look, when you two did "Too Hard To Swallow", we thought it was a fluke
When you boys came "Super Tight" we played it cool hand luke
"Ridin Dirty" went gold with no video, we gave a break
But this MTV award nomination shit just took the cake
So read this letter real good and take it as a warning
We'll be watching you when you sleep and when you wake up in the morning
The people that you running with and everything you do
sincerely yours, signed, nigga you know motherfucking who." Ain't that a bitch?


[Devin the Dude]
And just when you thought that pussy was specially for you
You put all your trust in the bitch and guess what she do?
Round two in the mornin' that ho's gone
Then she come with some different clothes on
I guess the bitch is so fine, that you pay it no mind
You asked her where she been, she said "with one of her friends" that ho lying
Her pussy is a gold mine, well that how she feels
And she can get a few thangs in exchange for cheap thrills
The price of pussy is turning some women to whores
And just because they give you some pussy, it ain't yours
So I don't trip on it, but I'll stab if I can
Then wipe off my weapon, and turn into the traveling man
See like I fucked Ruby Tuesday, but Friday I'd had to slap that ho
The bitch got knocked up by Rosco, and said I'm the poppa though
In this game they got a name for a chick, who's gettin' rich for lickin' nuts and dick
Ain't that a bitch?