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Artist: U.G.K. (Underground Kingz)
Album:  Banned
Song:   Muthafucker Ain't Mine
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[Intro: A dialogue between Bun B and a pregnant woman]
[Woman] Hey! you little sorry motherfucker; you know I'm pregnant now
[Bun B] Pregnant for who?
[Woman] You bitch!! ~ you're trifling whore
[Bun B] You ain't pregnant for me, I ain't making no motherfucking baby
[Woman] Sorry nickel and dime-ass funky nigga
[Bun B] I don't give a fuck, making babies for them niggaz that make love
	I fuck -- I don't make no babies.
[Woman] Bitch!! -- you don't know the meaning of fucking, whore
[Bun B] I must know the meaning of something
	You come around here talking about you got a baby for me
	Well, I got something for your motherfucking ass.. -- it ain't mine!!
[Woman] Yeah, you're gon' take care of your responsibilities, trick!!
[Bun B] Man, motherfuck me and them responsibilities
	You gotta go to the welfare line with that bullshit
[Woman] Welfare?  - You got me fucked up!
[Bun B] Man, look here! -- You gotta get out of my motherfucking face 
	Cause I ain't claiming nan little motherfucking baby
	So you go on with that shit!!

[Verse One: Bun B]
Now all you whores listen up to what I'm saying
Regardless of the consequences Bun B ain't paying
You're laying in my bed and dead center's what I'm looking for
Let me get this nut, you can get your ass to booking whore
Don't cook no breakfast and don't cook me no lunch
You ain't nothing but another little banana in the bunch
Catch the metro home or you can walk like a bum bitch
You ain't worth a John, break this rock and catch a crumb
Yeah I nutted in you bitch, you got a problem with it?
See I left some on the bed too, you can go and get it
This bitch is trying to game on a Trill ain't it funny
You know them Trill-ass niggaz ain't about giving up no money
I see you're starting to get a little belly on you bitch
You're two months swollen with that old seven month bitch
I hope your nigga ready for them bills he about to get
Best not send no papers my way whore, cause I ain't paying shit
If anybody ask me bitch, I ain't even done it
Rather give a fiend a crumb and punch your ass in the stomach
Cause from my point of view; get your ass out my face
Next time around trying to catch a fucking rape case
Cause if it's mine or not, you can raise up off my dick
Better sign up for some food stamps, welfare or the WIG
Cause child support I can do without
Here's a fork and butter knife, cut it up and shit it out
The motherfucker ain't mine


[Chorus: Sampler of Wreckx-N-Effect - Rumpshaker] X5
I ain't claiming shit!! -- That's what I said! ---> Willie D 

She said the lucky man is you!! -- Get off my dick, nigga ---> Ice Cube

[Verse Two: Pimp C]
Bitches in PA, all about the okey-doke
Fuck around with Pimp C and get your fucking neck broke
Whore gave me the pussy, now she claim I shot sperm
But they all know I keep a hood on my fucking worm
Bitch had a partner tried to catch me in a rape case
Caught her ass slipping, shot three shots in her fucking face
Cause I ain't the one, ain't the two or the three
So how the motherfuck is you gone fade Pimp C?
Gotta get a grip whore or better get a clutch
Before they find your ass walking round here with a crutch
Cause I'm a Trill nigga, so you fucked the real shit
I kick you in your stomach and leave you naked in a ditch
All heard of J, dirty and magic
So get your tail up and get the crawfish out your ass
Talking about you got a baby growing in your sack
But I ain't about to claim a mad fucking shaving yak
You want to have a baby cause you think that I'm rich
But like that other whore you better take your ass to bowl my dick
Cause bitch I don't think you want to push me
I throw you on the floor and shove a hanger in your pussy
Come to think about it bitch, what you talking about?
Can't be from me because I nutted in your mouth
Girl you must of lost your fucking mind
Cause I know that the ugly motherfucker ain't mine


[Verse Three: Bun B]
Now whores be getting anxious to get a nigga's cash
Just give up some pussy and you're thinking that my money I'ma pass
My ass bitch, It ain't gon' work
Trying to have a baby for me whore I ain't no fucking jerk
Gonna get your ass hurt; fucking around with the Trill
You must not know the deal
Me claim a baby? - How the fuck you feel?
No bitch, no way, no how, ain't no happenings
If I claimed it, your trifling ass would be out high-capping
Bitch, I wouldn't give your ass the pleasure or the pain
Me and my niggaz ran a train so why you're pointing my way?
Whore, I was second out of six
And that's too many dicks for your trifling-ass to try and make a bit
Bitch, you better start with the first
Then skip to the third cause that little Bun B shit is absurd
But see now, I done heard it all before
But keep that bullshit up and you gone make me get some shit on my toe
Whore I ain't with it so you best go home
Before you fuck around and get your little trifling-ass rolled on
Have a baby for me, how you figure?
I love pregnant pussy, but only when it's for another nigga
But see now that trigger ain't no punk
So bail before they find you and a cut up baby dead in my trunk
Don't make me chuck your ass in a ditch
You're talking all you want, but see; the motherfucker ain't mine bitch