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Artist: Tyler, the Creator f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  Flower Boy
Song:   Droppin' Seeds
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Lil Wayne]
Like Adam in the Garden of Eden
My bitch got an apple bottom and she swallow my seeds
Follow my lead, fire I breathe, water my seed
And sit back and watch money grow on trees
Droppin' seeds like classes, these hoes drop they asses
I drop a seed in her panties if it smell like pansies
I'm a banshee in her panties, nigga ask your mammy
Never played golf but got a driver and a Caddy
Whole squad +Slammin'+ like Onyx, you know Sticky Fingaz
Some drop science, I'm droppin' English
Even if Tyler, named this song "Flower"
No seeds in the bud, still don't trust bugs
I'm down.. Mula!

[Chorus: Tyler, the Creator]
Droppin' seeds on these niggas, they can't fuck with the boy 
I'm droppin' seeds on these bitches for the love of the sport
I'm droppin' seeds, got this garden flowers poppin' of course
I'm droppin' seeds muh'fucker, Weezy Baby the boy