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Artist: Tyler, the Creator f/ Pharrell
Album:  Cherry Bomb
Song:   Keep Da O's
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Chorus: Tyler, the Creator]
Got the whips, got the hoes
Got the ice, got the clothes
Niggas know that keys open doors
Half price, nigga keep the Os
Keep the Os, nigga keep the Os
Know they call me Mr. Treat Your Nose
Keep the Os, nigga keep the Os
Know they know me by I treat your nose

Look, UFO, bow, land
(SKRRT!) Landed on the ass and
Adidas leaf in the grassland
My finger got a yellow Pac-Man
Blow your purple, go in circles, so inertia
Go reverse it, no rehearsin', gold is perfect
Open curtain, flow inversion, golden person
Yeah I'm nerdy, yeah I'm swervin', yeah you heard me

[Chorus] - 2X

[Tyler, the Creator]
My garden's full from breakin' these hoes
A hand full of green and a couple of stones
Your lawnmower's foreign, you rent you a home
But nigga, how much of that shit do you own? (uhhh)
See me, I don't compromise, I know my accomplishments
Fuck all your compliments, bitch I got confidence
I don't need your approval, my nigga you suck, I do not have to adjust
You stuck, I'm talkin', so shut the, shut the, shut the fuck up
Speedin' and gleamin' and stuntin' so Evel Knievel
You convene with that circle of demons, you're hopin' them niggas'll see it
Results may vary, chains got too heavy
I'll rather pedal smooth on my bike than crash in that Bugatti
Back to the garden
Niggas gon' do you dirty, y'all already saw it
Killin' your flowers, this thing's impossible
It's the new slave apocalypse, isn't that obvious
All you stupid niggas

[Chorus] - first 1/2 only

[Interlude 4X: Pharrell]
Keep the Os, keep the Os
Keep the Os, you gotta keep the Os

[Tyler, the Creator - over Interlude]
You gotta keep the Os
Cause you never know when it's over
You want the doors that go up
You want the girls with the big butts
You want the diamonds, you want the stones
You gotta stunt on these niggas, hahah
Stunt on these niggas one time

[unnamed woman]
Find your wings, find your wings
Find your wings, and fly
You'll find your wings (you'll find your wings)
Learn how to fly (learn how to fly)
What I want you to do (I'll tell you what I want you to do)
What I want you to do (is find your winds)
You'll find your wings (you'll find your wings)
Learn how to fly (learn)

[Outro: Tyler, the Creator]
Keep the Os...
I'm rappin' about diamonds and cars and money now
What the FUCK has gotten into me, man?