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Artist: Tyler, the Creator
Album:  Cherry Bomb
Song:   Deathcamp
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Tyler, the Creator]
HEY~!! Um, excuse me mister
but can you please turn down the lights?
I don't really like all these cameras, man
And this shit just don't feel right (yeah~!)
And I don't really wanna be rude to you, sir
But fuck you mean I can't wear my hat in here?
And you got me FUCKED up if you think I care - nigga

I hope you little niggas is listenin'
Them Golf Boys, is in this bitch like an infant
The blind niggas used to make fun of my vision
And now I pay a mortage and they stuck with tuition
So special the teacher asked if I was autistic
And now I'm makin' plates and you just washin' the dishes
So if you don't mind, get the fuck out my kitchen
But keep your ego here so I can butt-FUCK your opinion
But in the meantime, brainwashin' millions of minions
Leader of the new school? (Ha, I'm in my own school)
And you would never catch me in none of their fuckin' shindigs
I hope you fuckin' niggas is angry, pissed and offended
"In Search of..." did more for me than "Illmatic"
That's when I realized we ain't cut from the same fabric
I made my own shit, you went out and bought yours
Man I got too much drive motherfucker, I hate traffic
La-di-da-di, I'm goin' harder
than comin' out the closet to conservative Christian fathers
When it's a lot at stake carne asada let's be honest, I'm really morphin'
Named the album "Cherry Bomb" because "Greatest Hits" sounded borin'
I don't like to follow the rules, she said that I must/musk
I don't have any armpits
She wanted to talk who's in charge of this Golf shit
I said "Howdy do? How are you? I'm the sergeant"
And who I are isn't really important
My heart is as dark as a window with car tint
So hop in with your friends, gal and I'll unpark it
And I'll do donuts until the fat one is carsick
It's young T

("Yeeeeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah")

I don't like to follow the rules, and that's just who I am
I hope you understand ("Check, check, ch-kow, ch-kow")
And I don't really think y'all cool, so give yourself a hand
No, no, give yourself a hand...
Better pose for that camera; you better pose, boy you better pose
And it's your life nigga I suppose ("for the lights and the camera and the action")
Now you're face is meltin', from the flash of the big ol' lights
Nigga you asked for this life...

("Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeeeeah")
("Marshall! Yeah")

Welcome to Death Camp
Yeah, welcome to Death Camp
Yeah, welcome to Death Camp

Kissin' on my bean bag
And your, lips high-five my tongue
And my fingers, moonwalk through your hair
For the ("lights and the camera and the action")
This is fun, I can tell
But I, don't know if you'll handle it well
But umm, welcome to Hell Camp
("Lights and the camera and the action")
You should be mine in a way tonight
For the ("lights and the camera and the action")