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Artist: Twista f/ Scotty
Album:  The Perfect Storm
Song:   Sweating
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[Scotty] Yeah yeah yeah
[Twista] Just hold on lil' mama, I'm comin through in a minute
[Scotty] Aw yeahhh
[Twista] Go on 'head put that lil' pink thang-thang on for me though
[Scotty] Ohh yeah
[Twista] Ya dig? Twista

[Chorus: Scotty]
I'll have you goin, have your body flowin
Every time you think of me
And when they play my song, I'll have you in a thong
Sweatin and you're waitin for me
You're sweatin and you're waitin, sweatin and you're waitin
Sweatin and you're waitin for me
You're sweatin and you're waitin, sweatin and you're waitin
Sweatin and you're waitin for me

Uh-huh, uh-huh, Twista
I see lil' mama in the mood and she thinkin about dude she really want badly
Body ready for kissin and huggin in the bed bumpin that callin you daddy
Listenin to what I be spittin because the words that be comin out my mouth is power
Might have to get in again, I get you wetter even though you just got out the shower
He gon' be there in less than an hour, so you gotta bump a little Twista to get freaky
Body drippin with sweat as you listen to cuts as I bust you go nuts if you see me
I wanna be workin her over now 
when she waitin on another motherfucker to hit it against the headboard (Twista)
And if it ain't me that you gon' be fuckin with, then let my music get you prepared for it
Script from a Chi shot-caller, cause shit don't bump if you fuckin with a baller
The Isley of emcee and Marvin Gaye with the flow, I could turn a bedroom into a sauna
And if I chose you, it's a celebration because you about to be the one girl
And you gon' love to listen to me, you wait for me to come in, I'm about to beat it up cause

[Chorus] w/ Twista ad libs

Now even though you walk so classy, you still love it when I talk so nasty
And I love it when you wear Victoria's Secret to the telly because you take it off so sassy
Look at how I touch you when I spike that juice, mmm, do you like that boo?
And I gotta bring the strawberries and whipped cream cause I be lovin the way you bite that fruit
I take a piece and then I bite it right back, then squeeze the fluid down the small of your back
Then I go down and lick it up at the crack, steady freakin you until you don't know how to act
So that's why when I part and you be waitin, yo' body be sweatin and yo' heart be racin
I get freaky as you caress your thighs, a crime when you're tryin to exercise yo' patience
Then I pull up in the Acura lookin accurate while I'm mackin and now she immaculate up in the bed
Then she tellin me to tap it and tap it and tap it and tap it and tap it and tap it until I get it wet
She said "Never let the wait be long, to take me home, to make me moan"
Cause I be comin with the shit that make you hot, I think you better turn the AC on

[Chorus] w/ Twista ad libs

[Outro: Twista]
I know you hot
It's another one for y'all
Somethin you can bump at night
When you're gettin ready for whoever to come through there
Y'all already know how Twista do it
2010, GMG baby