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Artist: Twista f/ Chris Brown
Album:  The Perfect Storm
Song:   Make a Movie
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[Intro: Twista]
The Perfect Storm
It's Twista and Chris Brown, ya dig? (ohhh)
I got a new one for you (ohhh)
Let's make a movie baby (ohhh)


Twist got cars, big swagger
I'm a rock star like Mick Jagger
And I got bars that I spit faster
You a hot star, no bitch badder
So let me take you on a ride on a journey
with the one that you call daddy and who gon' make you get it wet
But this time we gon' do somethin romantic and different
I'll tell you about it when we get on the movie set
I was thinkin that we can just make a sex tape
Cause I think your face cute when it's in HD
Maybe I could tape you and you could tape me
When I pull my H-2 up to your H-3
You know that you wanna be in this movie
so don't be actin like I'm trippin with a strange ambition
Recordin you while you lovin me down below
and switchin the camera angle when we change positions
You could be the director aimin the camera down at me
filmin me lickin until you say "Cut"
Ready for any footage you wanna get
Ain't gotta call nobody else because I do my own stunts
It's the X-rated version of a box office hit
I see she ready to strip for this
So let me get the music then
Get the tape in, get the camera then

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Oh-oh oh oh ohhh
Baby we don't need no script (script) for this (for this)
I'ma throw a couple thousand baby strip (strip) for this (for this)
Let me pull my camera out and make a moooovie, yeah
Starrin youuuu and meeee, yeah
Baby we don't need no ac-(ac)-tresses (tresses)
Let me see what I'm workin wit, I'ma break your back (back) with this (with this)
Let me pull my camera out let's make a moooovie, yeah
Starrin youuuu and meeee, yeah, yeah, girl

Shorty we gon' make a movie
Got me lovin it when I'm feelin on the booty
Especially when I can blame it on the alcohol (alcohol)
Cause it do somethin to me
She look better than every chick in my perimeter
Sexy, I wish I could film every bit of her
Kiss her neck down to her stomach and then I'ma
tell her we can be in our personal cinema
I'll let you hold the camera first then I'll hold it then
Cause I wanna see how it's comin out and goin in
Let you see such a freak in me
I hope this never leak on TMZ, ThisIs50, WorldStar, or CNN
Baby girl, you kick the world off the axis
I'm your director, filmin you for practice
And you know I think you one hell of a actress
Especially when I'm shootin you on a mattress
Shorty, straight to the top is where we headed
And I'ma see my name in the credits and be the shit if you let it
See somethin that you not really feelin
then we can always go back and make an edit
I'll be sippin on Patrón Platinum
She knew about the rappin but didn't know I be on actin
Our personal reality show, so then
Get the tape in, get the camera then