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Artist: Twista f/ Raekwon
Album:  The Perfect Storm
Song:   The Heat *
Typed by: Cno Evil

* Best Buy bonus track

[Intro: Twista]
Yeah, yeah
It's a No I.D., legendary tracks of production

I'm a giant, into astrological science
Rapper phenomenal violence, I'm such a honorable tyrant
Verbal telekinesis is cutting fellas to pieces
Hell of a thesis, but holy, like you could tell it's from Jesus
As good as Pelican Brief is, with the force of a sorcerer
Never put fork in the pork, I'm orchestrating the orchestra
Forfeit your formula, cuz I'm forming a
Thesaurus of verses, or it's a chorus of more when I smoke a forest
Super powers like Morpheus, foresee us like the Oracle
Portable MP3 players let you play what's recordable
Legendary like tracks not scared to bury you rapper
I'm up for the beef, you just a vegetarian actor
Identification is gon' have to go by me
Cuz long as I got No I.D., victims ain't got no I.V.
Intravenous sleep poetry, Pedialyte
I'mma give 'em, they said it was hot, so check the media hype

[Chorus: sample]
As long as people wait, oh, there's no escape
The heat... the heat... the heat... the heat...

I recollect the era where terror and recommendations are wrecking
The mic respecting mega with no hesitation
Meditation in line of giving my praises to Allah
Thoughts are taken Shahada, and throwing rocks at the Kaaba
These days is bout the dollar, all of them into balling
The Sound Scan and the cannons, you ask if it's all appalling
All the ragging, the sagging, the swagging, the selling drugs
And the thug in the tight pants, what happened to yes y'alling
Sometimes I can't help the violence when I kick random rhymes
Make 'em shut the fuck up like silencers on phantom lines
Write an autograph for you as if you a fan of mine
Cuz I got you tripping offa the way my grammar rhyme
Fictional, my dictation is evident, I'm benevolent
Cuz the flow is elegant, throw like an elephant
They should of told him that I flow like petroleum
And I've been cold at the podium, since break dancing on linoleum


Cooling with the hustlers, eating rum fish, guns is crisp
Can't stand fake niggas and fake bitches
Don't make me upset my stomach, them killas'll come through
The bathroom and tie up your honey
I'm all about my coins, the fly Donald Goines of rap
Fuck with fly chicken tenderloins
You know it, you blow it, you know you gotta go
You can't live it, word to the mama, that's a no
Surrounded by dons and consiglieres, don't get leary
Refrigerator might fall, don't worry
You a good naked, stay in that zone
You speaking to a rich real rap nigga, cooling on his throne
Yeah, kiss your forehead with lead
I got some Chicago niggas that do it quick fast with some bread
And my lawyer, an African prince
Slid to America with three bags of dope, a black Benz