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Artist: Twista f/ Ray J
Album:  The Perfect Storm
Song:   Call the Police
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[Chorus: Ray J]
If we keep bumpin up against this wall they gon' call the, police (woo-woo!)
And if we keep, makin, all this noise they gon' call the, police (woo-woo!)
Don't wake up my neighbors (don't wake up my neighbors)
People gotta go to work (people gotta go to work, woo-woo!)
And if we keep, makin, all this noise they gon' call the, police (woo-woo!)

Hit it up against the wall like a beast, hit it all in the hall like a freak
How we doin when we doin I don't see how nobody up in the building gettin no sleep
How we get it in we gon' get put out
for steady makin noise bumpin up against the headboard
And they be hatin, somebody gon' comin beat on the do' then call up the landlord
I'm a freak up in the sheets, especially when I be fuckin to the beat
The neighbor said if we keep it up they gon' have to call the police 
and we gon' be up in the streets
Cause I act like a fool and my chick know she gets so crunk when she pump
Like I thump in the trunk on the couch when she hump and it steady go bumpity-bump
We about to get put out this hotel if you keep on screamin
We about to get put out the crib if you keep on screamin
Girl your love is terrific and whenever I hit it we never know how loud we was
We makin too much noise, turn the radio up or put a sock in your mouth because


I'ma hit it like, we gon' do it like, we gon' do it like, baby turn around
On the bed like, on the couch like, on the flo' like, steady makin sounds
Got lil' mama soundin the way she be doin when she play with all them toys
We better stop all this noise, they gon' mess around and call them boys
I got it bumpin in the house, and we makin everybody in they rooms sick
And all of my neighbors be trippin and beatin on the ceiling with the broom stick
And if we decide to sip a little liquor let me go and see where I could find some from
The damage I'ma do when I get back is a guarantee somebody callin 9-1-1
All the freaky noise that you makin be makin me want you to get up
Let me put this pillowcase in your face 'fore you wake somebody kids up
Even though I pay the rent for the crib I don't really wanna cause a riot because
They gon' call it domestic violence, so we gotta do it in silence because