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Artist: Twista f/ Lloyd
Album:  The Perfect Storm
Song:   Bad Girl *
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[Intro: Twista]
Uh, uh, uh, you ready?
"The Perfect Storm"
Y'all already know how we like 'em
Y'all know what we gon' do when we come to the city
We don't want them lil' quiet girls or them shy girls
Twista, Lloyd

[Chorus: Lloyd]
Holla at me baby (baby) when I'm in your town (town)
Show me you know how to put it down
I wanna have a party, all over yo' body (yeah)
And this is what I need right now (right now)
I need a very freaky girl (ohh) who can drive me crazy (ohh)
Make my whole world go round (go round)
That's a bad girl - she Michael Jackson +Bad+
And I just want a bad girl - she Michael Jackson +Bad+ (bad)

She always actin slutty
Cause she knows that she a hottie
And she goes to all the parties
Just so she can move her body on me
That girl is so bad
Ooh I wanna wife that
I'll ride you like my Caddy
Heh, can I be yo' baby daddy?
Girl, sh-sh-sh-shawty understand me
W-we can start a family, I'll share it all gladly
So let a nigga peep somethin
Hottest chick, baby girl I wanna freak somethin


I need a bad girl who know how to kick it off
If I make her neck go burr, she know how to flick it off
Everybody that I know don't like her, they don't get the feel of her
Cause she got a stankin attitude but I still love her
Tough when she love you cause she like what the thugs do
Fresh in them Ugg boots and she will bust a slug too
Spendin money on the lingerie cause she know how to rock it for me
Then I tell her to +Get Low+ on the Luda remix and she dropped it for me
I don't want that sad sex, I want that bad girl love
With a bad body who can run the "Bad Girls Club"
You might even catch her fuckin with a girl, but she like boys better
Sexy and disrespectful so I'ma let Lloyd tell her


Shoulda knew it when we got into it when it was the first time that I got up wit her
You could tell it was about to be problems, but I felt like I had to get her
Stuck up when you see her talk, she will never let a man try to be her boss
When she trippin I gotta let it ride, and you will know why when you see her walk
Look at juicy lil' mama, freak like a floozy Madonna
Stay in Gucci and Prada, plus got a bougie persona
And then she will wanna get so choose me, goody-two-shoe chicks don't move me
I want somebody to ride like Bonnie and Clyde, be the better half with a big ol' booty
She don't want you in her face, she don't need nobody help
And we understand each other so fuck everybody else
She got her shit together so I wanna peep somethin
With a snotty attitude but I think I'ma keep somethin