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Artist: Twista f/ Chief Keef, Stunt Taylor
Album:  Dark Horse
Song:   No Friend of Me
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[Intro: Stunt Taylor]
He ain't no friend of me {*3X*}

[Chorus 2X: Stunt Taylor]
Nigga if you broke, he ain't no friend of me
Wearin a fake designer, he ain't no friend of me
Money long and still stretchin, like a centipede
Extended clips and prayers, for all my enemies

[Chief Keef]
He ain't no friend of me, kill that fuckin nigga like my enemy
I'm tired of these fuck niggaz bein frenemies
All these dinners killin me, my energy (Gang)
Catch a fuck nigga, show him what he meant to me (bang, bang)
And I got this Mac, it go rat-tat
You tote a deuce-deuce, sound like a hi-hat
I'm totin on this chopper, it go grat-grat
Same pussy I pay for let her pay for my hat~!
Send me off, baby girl don't try that
I got my felony and that be my gat
Too much to a pack, where my life at?
Bullets come out this chopper, where the knife at?
They say when you're rich you can't have real friends
... I guess I just noticed it
Niggaz with you when you're rich but when it all ends
... Bet that shit be all over with


The ops don't want none, get on a track and I go dumb
Keep talkin shit, you see the BD's come and them Lords come and them Folks come
And they be comin with some shit that'll click and that clack, clip after clip after Mac
And some shit that'll rip out your back, hollow heavy hitter, bullets'll slip out the crack
My hitters get ghost, what? Niggaz showin all that money, you are same to me
You ain't, got a, car, or a, job, you a shame to me
Half, nigga, always, in the, club, you a thought to me
Can't, pay for, V.I.P., parkin, bitch you broke to me
Twista got no money, you've mistaken me
for that, other, nigga, that you, seen, he ain't, none of me
Pull up, in that, Benz, with no, key, sit on, 4 G's
Killers, all be-hind me, send this bitch up, G