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Artist: Twista f/ Dra Day
Album:  Dark Horse
Song:   Getting Paper
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You ever seen what a real nigga look like?
Sittin in the Lamborghini lower than the black 'vette (black 'vette)
With a pocket full of money lookin for a honey
Stuntin and never trippin on nothin cause I got that (got that)
Exquisite taste, chase paper, capers on my résumé
And where I lay might get a little bit, lonely
On the grind, so I be missin the feelin
of a woman touchin me and layin all up on me
But I see you got the make-up and the tendencies
A complete understandin that a nigga gotta work (uh-huh)
Even though she be havin a attitude
I tell her "You ain't gotta curse baby, I'ma buy the purse" (that's right)
I feel like she a fly bitch (yup)
The only one I wanna see in fly kicks (yup)
And I want her to be mine so I spit her some game
from a nigga guaranteed to die rich

[Chorus: Dra Day]
You can be my ride or die chick, I be on my shit
I be gettin paper, paper, girrrrl
You so bad you so damn thick, and I be on my shit
I be gettin paper, paper, girrrrl
I be on my shit (ayy!) I be on my shit (ayy!)
I be on my SHIT!
You so bad you so damn THICK, and I be on my shit
I be gettin paper, paper, girrrrl

[Twista over Chorus]
That's right, c'mon
Gettin money, oh
Tell 'em Dra
What, c'mon

Go 'head and put it where you wanna put it (put it)
And while you at it let me get some footage (footage)
And it ain't no need for you askin me could it
cause when we get in our mode I'ma show you how good it
gets, because I be on my shit (yeah)
And I be doin my thang (yeah) nobody better than this (no)
Come if you ready to hang (yeah) you wanna be with the Twist? (what?)
Would you be with it if I wanna travel and take you into the abyss? (huh?)
Give me the word and I'ma cuff (c'mon)
Cause I be feelin like we've both been waitin long enough
You got that loud pack pussy other bitches huff
Deep inside sweet and sexy but you act tough
That's what I need on my team (what)
Somebody gettin it that I can fuck and spoil with some fly shit
And I really feel like she can be my sidekick (yeah)
My gettin high chick (yeah) my ride or die chick (what)
Let's go


[Twista over Chorus]
For real, that's right

[Dra Day]
I know you can tell by the 30's that I'm sittin on
Take a whiff of this shit, this Dolce
Mix it up with the purp, it's okay
Later on I'm free to lay, lay
Lay anywhere you want
Just say the word and I swear that it's gon' be on
I be on my jungle shit, baby no lie
Freak you like an animal from the backside
Got the bomb shit, shawty that'll change your life
Feels so damn good I'ma make you cry
Oh, hold up, wait a minute
Seizin up, and I'm in it
Now pull it out, I'ma finish
Oooooooooh yeah

[Chorus] w/ Dra Day ad libs