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Artist: Twista
Album:  Dark Horse
Song:   Beast
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[Chorus: Twista]
I'm a, beast, boy, with a, intergalactic flow
Travel in dimensions from another planet but I spit that fly shit though
That shit go, damn, that shit blow
Put me in a laboratory I'ma cook, that's how shit go

Fen-Fen-F-F-Fendi, Prada, any, inter-quantum, physics
Alien and I done heard about the bitches on the Earth, so I think I'ma, visit
Nig, niggaz comin at me actin like they hard yellin fuck me, fuck you too!
Don't get it twisted when I spit it scientific cause the niggaz that's with us do shoot
New coupe, think you messin with a dupe, fool fool
Dark matter a/k/a melanin, outer space, Black Power, Zulu!
... Yell it out like Louie, yellin out "moo-boo!"
... Yell it out like Wayne, yellin out "Soo-Woo!"
C-c-c-c-cause I'ma wreck 'em, and I'm comin from a whole 'nother spectrum
Tryna throw me in the flames, take away my name, kick me out the game but I ain't gon' let 'em
It's a fascination with the science of creation, I am God, look at how the way shit go
Take it to a whole 'nother motherfuckin level when I say I made that hoe

[Chorus] - 2X

In the beginnin there was Adam/atom, A-T-O-M
I am the, Higgs boson, meaner than I was there way before him
I kick, logic, science, astrological when I be spittin you a verse
Feel like you probably fuckin with me, you the first, but in a parallel universe
All up in my face, ohh, you think you somethin?
Atoms are almost empty space, so nigga you ain't nothin
Tellin everybody that it's on we can spray, I know that ain't you
The cells in your body got their own DNA, I know that ain't you
With my adrenaline and venom I could turn 'em into a, minimum of atom matter when I murder mode
Screw face, I am the omnipotent of verbal evolution comin with some shit you never heard befo'
Like genes, chromosomes, theories of existence, ain't no tellin where I take ya
Biophotons turnin on codons, activatin divine nature

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: Twista]
Nig, niggaz comin at me, niggaz comin at me
Nig, niggaz comin at me, that's how shit go
Nig, niggaz comin at me, niggaz comin at me
Nig, niggaz comin at me, that's how shit go