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Artist: Twista
Album:  Dark Horse
Song:   6 Rings
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Win it, win it, swish

[Chorus: Twista]
It's just me against the world and I won't lose
No I can't lose, I'm a born winner (yeah)
These streets made a beast out of me
Six rings on my fingerrrrs - I'm a championnnnn (turn up!)
Put your fives and your ones up (ones up, ones up!)
Six rings, I'm a championnnnn (yeah)
Gettin money, put your ones up (ones up, ones up!)
Six rings, I'm a championnn
Now ball, ball, ball, ball
Ball, ball, ball, ball
Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!
Six rings, I'm a championnnnn

No worries, I been killin it since she was a shorty
Still standin on top of my glory, and this still ain't the end of my story (no)
Confetti pourin, they be all in the clothes that I'm sportin
Six rings like Michael Jordan, same team, no Robert Horry
Put me on the verbal court with my competitors I'ma be fuckin up all of them
Money like I'm Steph Curry and I dish it out to my team like Chris Paul and them (Griffin!)
So lose or you blame it on fouls and how they don't be callin them
I put in work, I got rings, you can't tell me nothin, I know I earned all of them
That winnin feeling I want cause if I get the shot I bet I hit the shot
I'm in my glory while pourin champagne on my body like I was Chris Bosh
They won't admit it, how many times I came back and did it
They know that Twista be killin 'em when I spit it, give me a standin ovation when I visit (applause)
Final four delivery (yeah) Hall of Fame flow (flow)
Right up in the banners is where my motherfuckin name goes (that's right)
But I ain't finished yet (uh-uh) I'm the exquisite vet
They be like "Damn Twista, they ain't knocked you off yo' pivot yet?" (Nope!)


Who the fuck is you talkin to? Nigga I got six rings (ballin)
Swagger, my walk like I'm Jordan, I know when I'm hot, fingers look like Kareem (when I pull that whip up)
When I pull that whip up in front of the club I be knowin they seein it (seein it)
And whoever dissin this cause they are fisherman watchin the finals and we in it (we in it)
The league of the streets, winnin the game with a three on the beat
Keepin that thang and it be on the seat, bust a shot at your brain and they flee on they feet
(N-n-n-niggaz don't) Niggaz don't like you when you be like Michael, they run up thinkin I be slippin
Long nose, 357 by my side, call me Scottie Pippen
And I'm on bullshit, crossed over by the Windy City southpaw
And I murder for the squad like an outlaw, everything that I say comin out raw
Plenty niggaz I know pullin up with a Glock and a ki'
Actin like they winnin the game, like they pullin up at the top of the key
But I got them accolades, and I spit that fast shit
You just an absurd sound, third round draft pick
And when I win the game, then right there is your history
Celebrate like we do in Chi-raq, we gon' tear up the city