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Artist: Twista f/ Liffy Stokes
Album:  Category F5
Song:   I Got People
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"This another Street Heat banger!"

[Chorus: Twista]
Yeah, you don't really wanna do it
If we ever got some drama you don't wanna get into it cause
I got people (I got people) {*4X*}
Yeah, you don't wanna act tough
I ain't even gotta be there homie, I can get you touched cause
I got people (I got people) {*4X*}

Uh, now I think I done bought enough
Motherfuckers told me they don't wanna hear me soften up
So I leave an inscription on the competition that be talkin tough
with a constant description about how much blood a nigga coughin up
Here open the coffin up, I gotta make sure the casket closed
I thought that the nigga would run, they said when I got him the bastard froze
You wan' see my name, as soon as you heard of it look at the murderous articles
So diabolical that I won't bother you, I get a nigga to follow you
And you can't get away cause the shorties got the Hemi on 'em
And when they pull up on 'em they gon' up the semi on 'em
And lock a steel, walk the streets, ain't gotta run from swali{?}
I got '80s babies to touch you, I am Uncle Ollie{?}
Twista Cartagena, Carl Corleone
If I say he gon' be gone then he gon' be gone
If I tell 'em that it's on then it's gon' be on
Have everybody say "I don't know what the big homie on!"


[Liffy Stokes] + (Twista)
Yeah, I got people, I got soldiers
I got niggaz that'll knock ya head up off ya shoulder
For a blunt or two - homie look at you
Get your mind right and see me in a month or two
You ain't ready for a nigga like me
I get up close on you nigga live in 3D
With the silencer and slip it under my trenchcoat
Or I can hide in the back seat and slit a bitch throat
I get you poked, I ain't gotta pay big notes
My shorties do murders and they be like, "What they hid fo'?"
They call me Lif' Stokes, I take hits and tokes
Go for it, I roll it up with four Lords and six Folks
Now I know you like, "What you open up yo' lips fo'?"
They got 30-calibers in the back with they shit broke
Now I'm the man for the summer, ain't no equals
(Liffy how you take over the block?) I got people


[ad libs for 43 seconds]