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Artist: Twista
Album:  Category F5
Song:   Birthday
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Birthday (birthday)

Somebody in here it's your birthday (it's your birthday)
Somebody in here it's your birthday (it's your birthday)
Somebody in here it's your birthday (it's your birthday)
E'rybody move like it's your birthday
Birthday? Mama dance on your birthday
Mama gon' break it down on your birthday
Birthday? (Birthday) Birthday? (Birthday)
Birthday? (Birthday) Birthday? (Birthday)

Celebrate girl, nobody can compare wit'cha
Birthday in January so she a Aquarius
They say the pussy got +Miles+ like Darius
But she look better than most chicks in her area
Shawty don't want a lame, she only like G's (like G's)
Only fuckin with the thugs in the white tees (white tees)
Birthday February (February) sign Pisces (Pisces)
Into fishscales and Long Island Iced Teas (Iced Teas)
Then right after January and February
was a girl who was an Aries who always be smokin berry (berry)
Had style show but her stuff's so hairy (hairy)
Ass so fat (fat) earrings canary (canary)
Now break it down with your friends, you a Taurus
I heard you was fit to a Benz from a Taurus (Taurus)
I see balloons and the women lookin gorgeous (gorgeous)
Somebody get down for me when you hear the chorus (chorus)


She look so good she got me actin like I'm finna die (finna die)
The type of chick so thick she catch the other women eye (women eye)
Knew she was freaky when she said she was a Gemini (Gemini)
She wanna do somethin freaky with me, her friend and I (friend and I)
Know ma speakin Spanish, I do not understand her
but I love the way she movin the fatty like she a dancer (she a dancer)
Birthday in June, I'm tryin to get Cancer (get Cancer)
Smoke up the room like I'm tryin to get cancer (get cancer)
Shawty grown now, she's so, Leo
Only 19 on the G-O like she 3-0 (three-oh)
On the grind to be a big CEO
She the one takin me when I gots to see my P.O. (P.O.)
Her face is fine but I gotta let her know (her know)
She's so fly down south like where the birds go (birds go)
That's the type of body a baller wanna splurge fo' (splurge fo')
And she {?} slow, cause she a Virgo (Virgo)


Born October 12th, yeah she a Libra
Pussy so good that I could never leave her
I like the way she roll my cannabis sativa
Shawty you bad, here, take my Visa
Kickin an extra-ordinary flow
She was original within her swagger like a married hoe
I be the lyrical, I wanna stab her with my torpedo
She was on top of the stick on my body cause she was a Scorpio
There was a woman I could remember a Sagittarius
She was the first to let me touch her pubic area
We was young, I'm the one that made her cherry bust (bust)
Now that we grown I still be in that hairy stuff (stuff)
I'm the illest fuckin rapper born (rapper born)
Showin love to a December dimepiece cause she my favorite Capricorn (Capricorn)
It's your B-day let me cut that cake (that cake)
Come out them pants and let me cut that cake