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Artist: Twista f/ Dra Day
Album:  Back to the Basics
Song:   Just Like That
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[Intro: Twista]
GMG {"This another street heat banger!"}
Lil' somethin for the ladies
Twista, let's go

Now I must get it, aw naw
Droppin lyrics that be succulent, you fuckin with a reservoir dog
Ahead of y'all, aww
When it come to spittin piff so come and listen to a vet as I ball
She gotta twist it
Thinkin I want it in an instant cause I am who I am and I'm anxious
I can't just, assume every whip-ass cover
cause I'm a lover, I ain't stuntin these wenches
I be into what I'm into and that's a woman
that want me to wait awhile before I get to hit it
Lovin my playa style, my life and how I live it
But make a motherfucker have to work to get it
And when I do I take my time (yeah)
Treat you like a rose petal and lay you out on a bedspread (yeah)
Kissin you all over your whole body (yeah)
Face in between them spread legs (ha ha)
Get it crackin as I seduce her 
cause I'ma introduce her to a perfect show
... Climb up on top, put it in, work it slow
Cause we can make it last different ways 
and be makin her forever wanna fuck like that (yeah)
Got her switchin the positions
Don't move so quick lil' mama, do it just like that

[Chorus: Dra Day] + (Twista)
Ain't no rush (nope) don't shake it too fast (uh-uh)
Slow it down (that's right) just like that
Ooh ooh baby (uh-huh) you you baby (uh-huh)
Actin a fool fool lady (woo) ohhhh
You want this cash, up in my hand (c'mon)
Well slow it down - just like that
Ooh ooh baby (uh) you you baby
Actin a fool fool lady, ohhhh

C'mon, I am the immaculate cool
but when we get into it you know you be actin a fool
Ready for action how you be ass clappin
to get what I'm packin but I be wantin shit to happen smooth
Let it play out and fulfill itself naturally
and I bet you'll be in ecstacy
Or better yet Molly cause what I'ma do to your body
is like a party when you next to me
Hol' up, I'm rollin somethin up
I'm finishin my cup, before we start to touch
I gotta get high, and get in the mood
And then when I do, I'ma show you I'm a fool
How you want it? Ohh, on top of the don
Though do you wanna be on the clutch like this?
Stab it like a jackrabbit
but I know you like it better when I fuck like this (uh-huh)
Not nasty but just a +Shade of Grey+
You know you want it (that's right)
No fast pace when you grind
I want you to take yo' time when you on it (c'mon)

[Chorus] w/ different ad libs

Let's go...