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Artist: Twista
Album:  Back to the Basics
Song:   Intro/Freestyle
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Yeah, yeah
Yeah.. ahh
Back again motherfuckers
Twista, Traxster, ahh

Compete with legend and the boss burn one
Floss words, rap respect and break me off, heard none
I'm droppin crack until the crosswords come
Got the thirty but I spit it like a Mossberg pump
If you give me trouble you see me deploy
Lyrics so butter you think I'm W.E.B. Du Bois
If you see me pull up in the bubble you greet me with noise
Keep your poise, but really you wanna see me destroyed
Acronym for me is D.O.C., I'm the O.G.
destroyin all competition that's in my way because I'm G-O-D
You amount to nothin if in my circumference or area
The Sagittarius in the +Age of Aquarius+
You act like you ain't know the veteran can go
and I be killin them, in some instances better than befo'
Then I got ahh, crooked letter to the O
Severin your throat, now they like "Who let him in the do'?"
No matter how you Google it then doodle it
What'll really make you the shit is how I see you make use of it
Crucifix and holy water won't stop the way he get
So crazy and sick, evil like I took a sip of Damian's fifth
off Canadian's mist, Arabian piss, a Ukranian's fist
Spit so nice they be like "It's a alien's gift"
You pay me in bricks and I'ma show you a way we can flip
or I'm clappin like +What Happened to That Boy+ like Baby and Clipse
Come talkin shit 'bout what you do I'll bet you be the first
that might come up missin, I'll make sure that you don't need a hearse
I'm on a mission, don't come through unless you bring in work
I'm dissin ammunition, I'ma shoot until my fingers hurt
Then I'ma shoot some more if I can squeeze
cause you borin while I'm soarin like I'm Thor or Socrates
War as I conceive that the breath of horror I can breathe
Even though you servin defense I be scorin droppin threes
All in my grill-y like you can throw them thangs
I'm insane while you prefer novocaine over pain
For talkin shit tonight my bitch'll blow your brains
Cause he thought the weakness was kryptonite, it was Lois Lane
I boss you like a parent apparently darin ya
Scarin ya if you're there when I get to airin the derringer
The mini-carrier that's knockin down your barrier
Bury ya, expose 'em like I threw a flare in your area
Carry your body off to the woods and get rid of it
You're rottin while I go get some pot and then take a hit of it
Then I'ma try to come up with some different shit
while I'm draggin, like if rap was a dragon I am the spit of it