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Artist: Twista 
Album:  Adrenaline Rush 
Song:   Korrupt World 
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Hold all of the murderin' up, if you gotta bust a cap then aim it up
If you religious praise it up, if you gotta get high then blaze it up
For the ones who never gave it up, 
Take a champagne glass and raise it up 

Agony was the feelin' when I saw his blood spilling
Poppin' lip and taking over his tip is why he had to kill him
Now his bodies in chalk and no longer can talk so then a life is lost 
Somebody tricked off and the killer was caught
So now his lifes his cost 
You might get caught
So to make a move these motherfuckers is petrified 
All the best that tried won't even slide 
So just bless the rest that died
Is it a test of pride when inside
You grip a trigger but you didn't wanna pull it 
Could it be a motherfucker that you notice 
On the other side of the bullet 
Should it matter now you figure fuck it I'ma waste him 
It's just a murda for the nation 
But some end up locked up, broke up
For felonies and over overly motherly abrasion 
Now in front of me encased in a coffin is a body 
With people around sad and froze 
Teardrops and rain 
But folks didn't really feel the pain until the casket closed 
I was drastic chose and the mother threw a frown 
Even though the gunner was found 
Cause it seems like yesterday when he was running around 
Now he under the ground cause they gonna get down in these streets Even 
though you pack a piece for heat these niggaz urgin' to bust 
The game ain't the same so stay away from the curb 
If you out there serving em' up and 

hook (repeat) 
w/ "make a toast to yourself for survivng in a world that's so corrupt"

Agony was the feelin' when I saw his blood pouring 
Tragedy mess a man look in the mirror then I see the stud mourning 
As these streets erases others it encase a brother 
You had enough heart to waste this brother 
But could you face his mother I was faced with other 
Type of problems that had held me back 
Couldn't tell me jack now I'm gone in my own zone 
You ain't gotta tell me that so me trail me back to a time 
When a motherfucker 'd lost his will survive 
Me and my folks had to hustle and steal for a meal 
Eat or had to kill to survive 

I remember when you had my back 
When the relative passed and my momma cried 
When the house caught flames 
You collapsed in my arms when you heard that father d' died 

I take drama in stride
Even though I had to go through a thing to get myself together 
Still suffer but the worst is gone 
So it's on till' the roamin' man have his shelter 
But if I end up back on the streets again and I had to recieve my fate Smoke 
weed at the wake so the pain and hate escapes 
To keep the kids straight 
Cause you did straight if your seed proceed 
As long as they keep learning and keep growing up 
Right now we survive in a place that's full of doubt 
And about to self-destruct 

hook x2 

Visualize in invisible eyes how I individualize 
Critical cries of pitiful skies that rain pain upon the ghetto land 
Where the unforgettable dies 
Subliminal lies mean a motherfucker never gone make it 
If he don't peep it and keep it in check soon 
Womb to the tomb death is in the next room 
If a nigga ain't realizin' a k's and tech's doom 
Let's assume another brother wanna laugh at you 
I think he just took a blast at you 
You won't have it you killed him 
There go the trigger try to kick it but his niggas coming after you Telling 
you a stranger must be crazy 
To step it to a motherfucker that's dangerous 
Cause it's a gang of us throwin' knuckles in the scuffle 
If we have two things of bust 
It's cocaine to us and my brains to dust
I represent you up there so I try 
Long as I leave my enemy bust vacinity crushed 
I don't really give a fuck if I die 
So why lie my people should be glad to survive in the land of the lost It's a 
plan of the boss leaving motherfuckers dying 
With their grandmother's hand on the cross 
So I take a stand when I talk ran instead of walked 
To chalk another victory 
How you did the caper hid the paper 
Breaking other niggas off is a mystery 
With the chemicals and drugs all of these criminals and thugs 
Just keep comin' up better watch yourself ain't no love in the streets In a 
ghetto of a world that's corrupt