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Artist: Twista
Album:  Adrenaline Rush 2007
Song:   Charged
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Charged off of "Scarface" gettin shot up on the ledge
No pain, instead of 'caine I took a blunt off to the head
So tell me what it said... {*echoes*}
So tell me what it said... {*echoes*}
I'm charged

Two straps and a mask, a hundred thousand dollar lick, now that'll get me {charged}
Two shots of Patrón, a place to get it on with a bitch'll get me {charged}
AK-47's, SK's, Desert Eagles, Calicos and .9's get me {charged}
Bad bitches with Apple Bottom jeans, big titties and big behinds get me {charged}
Purple haze, the chronic and the diesel and the {?} and the kush get me {charged}
Only smokin the best so every time you see me blaze in a bush I get {charged}
Every time I see a nigga from Chi get in the game or goin platinum I get {charged}
Every time a lil' nigga think that he could compete me with the rappin I get {charged}
Let me see a few ballers in the club throw up a couple of dollars and get me {charged}
When I see a bitch poppin that ass out the sunroof of my Impala I get {charged}
When they see the Twist sippin on Cris', flickin the diamonds on his wrist I get {charged}
When bitches tell me "Twist, damn I ain't know you shit on niggaz like this," I get

[Chorus] + (Twista)
I'm charged off of "Scarface" gettin shot up on the ledge
No pain, instead of 'caine I took a blunt off to the head
So tell me what it said (Retaliate with lethal repercussion)
(I feel the reefer rushin to go into thangs like it's a wicked stick)
So tell me what it said (Took a Benadryl, hot like I'm finna steal)
(To get to kickin shit for niggaz and bitches that I kick it with)


{I'm charged}

When I see the crowd throwin up they hands and they sayin the hook, I get {charged}
When I see Baby G come in the studio with a ounce of kush I get {charged}
When I go in the Bay Area and they be on that hyphy shit, I get {charged}
When I go to the club and them thugs on that "they don't like me" shit I get {charged}
When I see my fans layin down with this whole Mobsta movement I get {charged}
When it come to havin money you can get it, it ain't hard to do it, just get {charged}
Cause the po'-po' watch us so if you plottin and you get caught servin you gon' get {charged}
Have a shootout with some haters and they find out you committed a murder you gon' get {charged}
Two shots of Rémy on the rocks, my nigga Woogie got the Glock so I'm {charged}
Love to Tookie, if Pookie blowin dookie through a spliff ridin with Cliff get me {charged}
If we let off a thumper and people screamin and yellin "Lay down," I get {charged}
When I step on the stage and got America screamin K-Town I get


"Adrenaline Rush" bitches...
{I'm charged}
Y'all muh'fuckers don't want none
Twista, hold this shit DOWN