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Artist: Twista
Album:  2 for 10
Song:   Glory
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Blood spittin lyrics to the track but lately I just try to keep my faith in God
Lately I ain't been writin my words, I just gotta try to spit it from the heart
Lately I been goin through a thang, certain shit just ain't gon' change
The biggest misconception is to think I'm happy just cause everybody know my name
If you take a walk through my shoes maybe one day you could feel my blues
In this game since '92, I just try to fuck 'em up cause I just hate to lose
I done been through hell and back twice cause I wouldn't face the demons in my life
Try so hard to love and leave ya but I constantly will go through drama with the wife
Gotta ride and move on, pray for forgiveness for anything I did wrong
Love her anyway so I just try to find different ways to express it through a song
So many people try to bring me down, especially those I helped come up
And some just tend to hate and wanna take but I got somethin for you if you run up
Now I done shed blood sweat and tears and I been through so much drama through the years
I think it's destiny for me to share with you right here at the peak of my career
Before I ever walk across the stage, fuck if you ever thought that I was paid
I gotta confess to you that I cry inside, this here is beyond the glory days

Beyond the glory, beyond the fame
Beyond the passion, beyond the game
Beyond the pressure, beyond the pain
Might know my style, but don't know my name
Tryin to corrupt, some prayin I fall
Beyond the tears, I fought through it all
Beyond the story, beyond the lies
I will not change, cause THIS IS MY LIFE!

Tryin to travel with a strong soul, Lord knows it'd been a long road
Granny's sick but shorty needs some shoes, momma hurtin, ain't no way I'm finna fold
Why the house so cold? It was tough, I know we ain't have a lot of dust
My momma always make sure we got enough, that's how we came from the bottom up
G's up, hoes down, I got y'all to listen to the sound
See me smilin when I'm signin autographs but sometimes inside I gotta frown
Cause you ain't seen what I seen, been through what I been through, 
heard what I heard underneath the fame
Sick of feelin by hurt and the pain, make me wanna go and do dirt with the thang
No pain, no gain, before you rise, you must fall
First "He ain't nothin," now I'm the shit, said "Fuck a Twist"? Fuck y'all!
Ain't none of y'all niggaz give me my talent, it was God-given so I gotta use it
One of the best but still I gotta prove it, spit the thug gospel to the rider music
Flow unleashed, spit it like a beast and try to win, I just wanna get a piece
Before I get it with a piece I just wanna hear the fans screamin, "Twista preach"
Try to get rid of my worry ways, pray for more than forty nights and forty days
Go in the booth and spit the truth and make you feel me, this is beyond the glory days