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Artist: TRU (Master P) 
Album:  TRU 2 Da Game 
Song:   Swamp Nigga 
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P: Bitch, this P world here, bitch, ain't man except me. 
I ain't comin for no coffee beans, straight up coke and weed, bitch 
Here go the money. You got da coke? 
Here go da money. You got the coke? 
I ain't comin for no coffee beans, straight up coke and weed, bitch 

Jumped in my cutlass, rollin on switches, 
Gold they shinin down south dealin bitches 
Niggaz out that swamp, should I say New Orleans? 
Richmond, California, imported me some dank weed 
Rollin on blunts, niggaz call it swisher sweets 
I got birds 16-5, a muthafuckin key 
Fool, when ya hit me, it's 18-5 
I gotta tax em 2 G's just for takin a ride 
Cause niggaz down south, niggaz ain't playin 
Niggaz talk shit, muthafuckas be layin 
Down on the ground, just like 8-ball, 
Hit you wit yo nuts and yo G's up the ?bear wall? 
Put you behind a pinto in the block, 
Niggaz slangin keys (gunshots) cause somebody got shot 
Call the cops, killas I'm a deala 
Mr. Ice Cream Man, yo neighborhood drug deala 
Nigga dat's bout it, down south we rowdy 
From Atlanta to Texas, niggaz won't ya'll read about 
Swamp Niggaz comin up, blowin like killa 
Ya'll ain't ready but I ain't Mystikal, I'm a deala 
Niggaz slangin cane, cocoa leaves up the brain 
But it's a muthafuckin Third Ward, I mean a Swamp Thing 

Chorus: Swamp Nigga (uuuunnngggghhhh), Swamp Nigga (8X) 

Hey, in the middle of the muthafuckin south, 
Niggaz got gold in they muthafuckin mouth 
On my way to Chicago, to pick up me a stolger 
I ain't even trippin off this shit cause I'm a rolla 
Nigga ridin dirty, just like U.G.K. 
4 tech 9s, and a muthafuckin AK 
Niggaz ain't playin, down south bitch we bout it, 
I told ya'll niggaz in 96, damn, don't ya'll doubt it 
But niggaz play the, try to play us like some bitches 
Niggaz done snuck up on you hoes and snatched some riches 
From labels like No Limit to Suave to Rap-a-Lot 
Independent, black-owned, bitch, and we can't be stopped 
Breakin bread--with the muthafuckin ballas 
Niggaz check billboards, yeah, and we shot callas 
Now ya'll niggaz mad, cause a nigga famous, 
I think the president put a price on my anus 
America's nightmare, but I'm not Cube 
I represent the muthafuckin red and the blue, 
?Shoes? I mean, the bangas, the killas, the gangstas 
But nigga i'm a Swamp, professional ghetto, rap slanga 


Niggaz in Texas, sippin on surl 
Niggaz sippin bort, niggaz on that furl 
Niggaz in FLorida, sellin dat water 
Niggaz in Baton Rouge pushin dem quarters 
All the way to Shreveport to muthafuckin Mississippi 
Oklahoma, back to Kansas City 
5th wheel grill, niggaz comin down 
Fools gettin killed if they from outta town 
6 15s in the candy painted cadillac 
Bumpin "Break Em Off" (don't make me break you off somethin) 
Rollin tips like a maniac 
Playa from the south (playaz from the south ??? Gs) 
that muthafuckin G 
I got Beats by the Pound, just like quarter keys 
KLC put it on the scale so ya'll can feel dis 
Mo B. D put it on the back so ya'll can peel dis 
Craig B whipped it up with some B 12s 
I slung it on the street to make the muthafucka sell 
Too $hort said fools, get in where ya fit in 
That's why I'm a Swamp Nigga out there tryin to pay the rent 


P: Swamp Nigga, ha, ha. We sho from muthafuckin swamp. 
It ain't a East or West Coast thing, nigga. 
It's a swamp thing. Ha, Ha. 
Tru 2 da muthafuckin game, to the south, midwest, west coast, 
And all cross the muthafuckin world, Swamp Niggaz, 
On the muthafuckin rise.