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Artist: TRU f/ Mia-X
Album:  TRU 2 Da Game (Disc Two)
Song:   It's My Time
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Yo, what's up nigga, this Silkk the motherfuckin' Shocker
I got my girl Mia-X in this bitch
Unladylike, pimpstress, macstress, mobbstress, No Limit Soldier
Y'all ain't ready, get motherfuckin' ready, and hit 'em up Mia

[Mia X]
Open it up, make way for a bitch that's down
Stand aground and move dope by the ki's, bundles, and pounds
Crown niggas in the way of progress
Mobbstress with intelect above the rest
Of the nanny goes wanna be sex symbols
Nuckle head hoes sexin' like nymphos with nothin' to show
I ain't that hoe to get fucked and forgot
But I'm the hoe that plots, on ya dope spot, the top notch,
Biggest momma of them all
Hoes be claimin' killa , drug dealer , I come to fade you all
Cause I'm that mommy on a mission, with intermission
For shopping sprees and Kamen Island breezes
Read, Forbes magazine, with money launderin' schemes
Gon' show the others, the first ghetto bitch on the cover
Brothers respect me like Sheba, they label me the, street diva
Mama Mia skilled with the heater
My dumb hoe beaters, my right and left
Got them gum poppin', neck twistin', chicken heads in check
Cause when I wreck it's like an 18 wheeler to yo Pinto
So you don't wanna feel my connect hoes
Go call yo people, well that's gon' make it worse(fo' sure)
Cause I gots mo' backup than reverse, I come to hurt
This fucking Rap industry with my street terminology
Runnin' motherfuckers from my lyrical ruckus
Strictly fo' the ghetto bitches
Representing every hood, every ward, every set, every project
Miss X or Sarah Lee in my rhymes
The biggest momma, I'm here to cease yo shit like a stop sign
It's my time

[Master P]
Ughh, it's Mia-X time fool
I tried to told ya
New album featuring Master P, Silkk the Shocker, 
Kane & Abel, the whole TRU click
Unlady Like, got ghetto bitches,
And niggas fiendin', all across the motherfuckin' world
Heh, check it out, got niggas fiendin'
Y'all ain't gotta be fiendin' no more
Gangsta bitch, this shit about to drop real soon
Finally got somebody to represent
Mia-X, Unlady Like, realest female you ever heard
Produced by the Beats by the Pound, the realest label you ever heard
Y'all know we make nothin' but platinium sounds
Smoke doshia for y'all niggas to smoke in the 9 skrilla
We gon' break pieces 9.95 to 16.95
We gon' make it so you get your money's worth
Unlady Like, the new album
Cause Mia-X, Unlady Like, the hardest shit you ever heard
Light it up nigga, huh it's 'bout to drop, real soon
And all y'all fake hoes step off
And get ready for the realest bitch you ever heard!