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Artist: TRU w/ Big Ed 
Album:  Tru 2 Da Game 
Song:   Ghetto Thang 
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hit the block Lexus truck slangin ice cream 
a million records sold , thats why yall know P 
came up on hard times tryin to make ends 
2 stones to my niggaz thats dead and in the pen 
the ghetto wont change , they label me the dope man 
I slang raps but the feds think its cocaine 
tap my phone , these hoes wont leave me alone 
nigga gon legit , so stay off the ding dong 
independent , thats why they hate me 
a million man ghetto march for Master P 
so fuck rap pages ( dont know ) 
yall didnt want to see a nigga make it off the streets 
thats why you'll never see P on MTV 
top 40 , but niggaz yall know me 
number 1 in every mom and pop and billboard record store 
so fuck yall playa hatin hoes 
gimme a pen , a pad , and ill make a hit 
show every nigga in the ghetto how to get rich 
cause yall dont know what go on behind closed doors 
white folks pimp niggaz like hoes 
but tru niggaz , say fuck that 
you owe me money , its time to meet the chrome gat 
I got the drank , finna tomorrow I take a piss test 
and I know my probs. want me to go back 
an ex-con addicted to gangsta rhymes 
last year I caught a bullet but it wasnt mine 
time to go nigga on dead row , or should I say im stuck in the ghetto 

(2x) Just a ghetto thang , a ghetto thang , you would understand if you
from the ghetto man 
(1x)its a ghetto thang , a ghetto thang , these niggaz got me caught up in 
this ghetto thang 


see I aint got no money up in my pocket 
how the fuck ima stop it 
ima get the glock and cock and plug you like a socket 
see game get deeper but yall dont feel me 
telling me to gets up out the game , get a job 
I shouldnt rob a nigga , I might kill yah 
see up on the block I rides deep on gold thangs 
these niggaz be trippin up on my shit and they'll jack you like it aint no 
see im from the city where niggaz be salty and they stay faulty like wires 
and I aint seen a gangsta retire yet 
on a bet , threw my cothes up on the floor and I sweat 
trust nobody cause these niggaz today will smoke you like a cigarette 
now bet , rest in peace to all homies that didnt make it 
took life for granted , an I panic while seeing niggaz with ski masks 
we blast with ski masks and bust a cap into they weak ass 
everyday struggle and I stay hustlin like a pan handler 
fuck it if I took a chance to get dead like cancer 
I betta not chance it 
slik , just another nigga tryin to make it up out the ghetto 


Big Ed: 

got a hold on me , jealous fools wanna roll on me 
will I die or will god just let me be 
fufill the prophecy reach my destiny avoid the burial plot 
unlive the ones that got popped 
I got a son but she says that it isnt mine 
Im 24 and since birth ive served hard time 
in this concrete jungle , a war zone , many of my peers die 
finally made it back home 
self preservation is a thing for me 
duckin and dodgin bullets stone faces on the ones who pulled it 
I promise my mama I wouldnt die before she did 
I got my life right got my wife and then my kids 
but everywhere I look I see sadness 
imagine tryin to raise your babies in this worldwide madness 

(chorus) 6x