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Artist: TRU (Halleluyah, Master P)
Album:  The Truth
Song:   Ride
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[Master P]
A coward dies a million deaths but a soldier only dies once
The good run, Well the bad stand anytime
We ride for the block (Hoody Hoo)
We ride for the hood
We ride for what we believe in
We ride or die for our people cause we all we got

[Chorus - repeat 4X]
We got problems then we ride (we ride)
Take the Techs, 4-5s, and we stick em outside

[Master P]
Roll down the window, I ain't hollerin at no bitch
This nigga hiding from me, I heard this nigga turned snitch
You give me five, I can get it done
Take two, see em on the porch tonight, they be less one
Throw up the rags when I fold up
Nigga the game over fucking with these No Limit Soldiers
We was born to ride, born to die
Suck it up at the funeral, Real niggaz don't cry
We can take it to the battlefield
Fuck the police, the judges, tonight shit done got real
Like T-Mac, I'ma rocket nigga
We see the motherfuckers, aim, cock, and pop it nigga


Yea ay yo
If drama involved, the heat come out, my problem get solved
You better duck or they'll fire back more
Gangsta shouldn't be in your vocabulary
Most niggaz be shook, one shot'll drop an adversary
Yo I'm coming with goons who fight like the wild west and
I know why y'all trying to sell sex like Loon?
Get real in the game of life
Niggaz get killed if they aim ain't right
Or if your game ain't tight
Young soldier buckle up, niggaz change at night
Put something hot in your stomach to change ya life
Make moves or get left behind
Move wrong and your soul move on from a tech or a nine