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Artist: TRU (Big Ed, Silkk)
Album:  West Coast Bad Boyz: Another Level of the Game
Song:   Would You Take a Bullet for Your Homie
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[Big Ed]
Most fools be tripping swaring that they got your back
But so so funk sure they running faster then Flo Jo
Like a hoe and now his boy is like hung out, strung
Shots rang out, the jackers left him laid out
Now you decide to come back after them fools leave
Scream your boys name, tugging on his buddies sleeve
Couldn't understand it, took it for granted, left for
gone when he paniced
You can hear his mom cry as his body hit the canvas
A six tre rolled up with the lights dim
Then he broke, in his voice bullet meant for him
Suckers be bouncin when the funk flow
But if you rolling with me there's one thing that I
gots to know

[King George]
Would you take a bullet for your homie
[Master P]
I got trust up in myself cause most these fools are
living phony  x2

[Big Ed]
The B-I-G E-D is going out like a G
And my partners behind the triggers are on the side of
So if it falls out, brothers I'm going all out
So tell my mom I love her if the game takes me out
Cause I'm real for the TRU
My love is running deep for the family I would die for
Big Ed is scared of dying yo that's sorta true
But I would rather die then to let somebody kill you
Cause I know my nino be singing busting caps on
Tizzide, homocide on them bustas be the only thing
that will make me feel all right
I'm down to go I know these suckas are aiming for my
Be aware of my Smith and his partner Wes
But if I'm gone G I guess I have to go G
Just pour some liquor on the curb and remember me
The B-I-G E-D, the real O.G.
The ace that laid down and took a bullet for his homie

Chorus x3

Would you take a bullet now let's just face the facts
There may be consiquences, uh, and you may not be
coming back
So before all that on the line think about them times
And if the bullet was for me would you take mine
And for my homies, we drank, threw up, grew up and
played together
We goin die, we goin get shot but we goin stay
Alpine and gin as I reminisce on my ace duce
A real G that laid it all down for his crew
I could still see it just as plain as day
Lying in the street before we die that what he said
Told me to stay strong and give his mom a kiss
RIP, definately goin be missed
So for all my homies I did dirt and put in work
I'll take a bullet for you homie even though it'll

Chorus x2

[Big Ed]
Silkk would you die for me I'd die for you fool
Lay it all down for the T-R-U crew
That's how it's gonna be
No that's how it's gotta be
I got love for my folks because my folks got love for
A G, see, the youngest in the crew
My tatoo across my stomach got T-R-U
When I'm rollin up on them B's with my G's I'm never
[Big Ed]
Big Ed is on your side with that nine
And the pippen
[Big Ed]
The kamakaze, these suckers really don't know me, the
Rolling with King George, Cally G, and Master P
And uh, C-Murder, Silkk, the real untouchables
Down to die for all but much quicker to bust a hoe
Now you know that's fa sho are you a real G
You say you a kill but would you take a bullet for
your homie

Chorus x2