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Artist: TRU (E-A-Ski, CMT)
Album:  Understanding the Criminal Mind
Song:   Little Slut
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Yo Ski man, we got to talk bout that bitch, man.
Let's try to dog us out, you know what I'm saying?
Fake ass bitch.

Oh you little slut,
you didn't think we'd know.
Fucking niggaz from L.A. to Oakland
like the neighborhood hoe.
How the hell can i explaine this?
Man, you're one hell of a gaming bitch.
You try to have our back,
I should have knew you were phony
when you made up the fake contracts.
You got married only to protect your child.
You didn't know your work would go fucking wild.
In season the middle now I gots to break,
because a motherfucker took all day in take.
You motherfucker lying tramp bitch,
stayed in Oakland and had hickey's
on your face and shit. The nigga code is 105,
confront this to your face you would
swear up and down, I'm lying. But I don't give a fuck,
just leave me alone and you can fuck your way back home.
Oakland, Cal ain't the place for you no more.
Cross my fo', I'm going to have to shoot the hoe.
Because you pushed your fucking luck,
and speaking of fucking,
huh you little fucking slut.

Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)
Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)
Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)
Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)

Lie after lie, after lie
you think you're getting by.
You say you go to church, you go to hell when you die.
You got your husbend going tripping,
because he believes everything you say and gives the okay.
I wouldn't be so blind.
You know she's tripping up the ass almost everytime.
She stuck her foot out here,
and you wonder why she come back home full of cheer.
Wake up nigga and beat the bitch down.
She used us so she could sleep around.
She brought her boys to L.A. so she can
fuck Tre. Didn't you miss that bitch
for a couple of days? She kept the same clothes on,
afraid as hell to take her black ass home.
For every question theres a cap.
She said she fell in church,
but you didn't even know about that.
The same fucking routine.
She probably got rug burns all around her knees,
but you don't give a fuck because she's fucking you good.
But she's still a little slut.

Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)
Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)
Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)
Your a hoe, hoe, hoe (Your a hoe, hoe, hoe)

Ahh yeah. She even tried to fuck C.
Offered to take my homie to the movies.
They went to check out her game plan.
She couldn't get me so she tried to get my main man,
but it blew up in her face.
Because the bitch wasn't my homies taste.
So just handle your business hoe,
and get the skins sealed T in the front door.
But you ain't nothing but a jump,
that's why my homie Rally Ral had to go for fucking broke.
Because I hooked him up, now I got to get him out,
and put my nigga back up on the right rap.
You couldn't face me in the end.
So you made up rumors over and over again.
But ain't this a bitch.
Your just trying to keep a nigga from coming up and shit.
It won't happen hoe,
because I got get my friends and they're all powerful.
So spread the dirt bitch.
Come suck my dick.
You little hoe,
slut trick.