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Artist: TRU f/ Peaches
Album:  Da Crime Family
Song:   The Ghetto is a Struggle
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The ghetto is a struggle but we've gots to change our lives
We've got to change our lives, Oh-oh
The ghetto is a struggle but we've gots to change our lives
We've got to change our lives, Oh-oh

Master P:
I've done seen it all in the bricks
Somebody said he would never change
The homies killin' up each other
Shit, I guess that is the dope game
And if you look like a thug, then that mean trouble
See my next door neighbor knockin' on the window
She wanna ???
And my water don't get hot, I got bleach in my holey socks
And my mom started stressin' us why I started sellin' rocks
And this street got my crazy
Momma said I can't lose my baby (Damn)
But see these niggas so shady (Ha Bro?)
Fuck the world if they take me


The ghetto is a struggle to me
Who can I be?
Will it bring trouble to me?
Before I rest in peace I ask my auntie to look up in the sky and thank
Before she turn another trigger, take another drink
I know it's hard 
Tryin' to survive and not die and stay alive
But who you really foolin'?
Cause we all live a lie
It ain't the same wishin' ya didn't have any
Didn't want it and take it
But if the situation right then It's your pockets I'm breakin'
I lost my conscious when I lost my big brother
Ask my mother, I'm never changin' my ways
Not even for The Source cover
I puts it down like that on this track
To give back to the hood
It's a struggle (It's a struggle)
It's all good (It's all good) 


Silkk the Shocker:
The ghetto is a struggle, so I gots to make a change
You know it's hard on the streets, but I've gots to maintain
Mom pullin' up on my sleeve tellin' me don't leave
I'm like, "I gots to do what I gots to do 
because if I don't, I don't eat"
Grew up with the rats and the roaches
Tryin' to stay focused (Stay focused)
Tryin' to survive in this world but it's like I stay hopeless
The world is a ghetto and I can't escape that (Can't escape that)
Every time I try to prove 'em wrong y'all just prove 'em right
Shit and, I hate that
I know I've made some mistakes black
Deep in the ghetto tryin' to find the queen 
Tryin' to avoid the hoodrat
We've go to make a change
And in fact, we should
Just because we in the ghetto
We should still dream see past the hood

Chorus (2X)