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Artist: Trina f/ Twista
Album:  Da Baddest Bitch
Song:   Watch Yo Back
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[Chorus - Twista]
better watch yo back there boy
get on yo square or
my gun'll beat your chain
got the nigga figured out
Showin you off, tell him shit ain't the same
go ahead and kick him out cut him up
catch him sleepin fuck him up
only he must not know your name
pimpin is a deadly game

[repeat Chorus]

Oh nigga you mad now, actin bad, pullin out your gats now
All you care about is cash, so my feelings they assed out
And it's so sad how I do for you
Be the woman come through for you
When you do wrong, police come through for you
I'll even bend the truth for you
but the fact of the matter is
nigga you gon' love who you gon' love
You gon' trust who you gon' trust
You gon' fuck who you gon' fuck
but you wont trust me, no way no how
ya gotta give ya whole life fo a nigga nowadays
Can't leave your house, can't even speak your mouth
Can't even beat him down
Motherfuckers is so crazy, deranged
Let 'em into your brain brings misery and pain
Cause they call us lame, bitches, and heffers, and sluts
You think your nut is gonna heal my bruises and batters and cuts
Bitches ya'll better get tough
and at the same time y'all better lock the game
And re-rock the game
Get a glock ready, sit back cock and aim
And try to stop the pain, cause you got a lot to gain
instead of sittin home waitin on niggas to call
puttin 911 in their beepers and all
we don't deserve this at all y'all

[Chorus] - 2X

nigga how you tame a bitch
talkin bout your game legit when you ain't the shit?
then get wit a chick don't maintain a bitch you restrain a bitch
insecure niggas they blame a bitch then reign a bitch
get a ring try to rename a bitch get an attitude
play games with the dick and try to tame a bitch
y'all niggas better critically acclaim a bitch
you call we come take it like a champ drink all your cum
do a lot of shit ive never done so I keep my cool
cuz I ain't the one to start actin up
Cause he keep a bitch from backin up
i wanna pack my stuff but mama said I cant come back to her
oh lord so I had keep askin ya
for help outta situations killin up my whole life
I'm in love with a thug and he ain't treatin my soul right
and I know I don't see him uh don't need him
shit fuck him and feed him
fish stuck him and leave him quick shit...

[Chorus] - 2X

if you're a nigga with no love and don't want no bitch
don't see no bitch don't need no bitch
then don't tease no bitch shit
cuz we don't need to be
fucked up mentally like a dumb ho
breakin out all your windows
Tell the po-po's bout your dope holes, oh no
I can get my own shit my own nigga my own dick
I don't need a nigga thinkin that he own a bitch
cuz he bought me shit
7 whole days ain't call a bitch shit
nigga shoulda stayed right where he was at
cuz the nigga layed right where he was at
the nigga shoulda died right where he was at
better watch yo back

[Chorus] - 3X