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Artist: Trick Daddy f/ Kase 1, T.I., Young Jeezy
Album:  Thug Matrimony: Married to the Streets
Song:   Fuckin' Around
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Y'all niggaz keep fuckin around
Fuckin around, fuck around get stuck in the ground
I ain't no bustas, y'all niggaz better stop fuckin wit me

[Kase 1]
I hit the clown in the dirt
Jump on the top wit a drop that nigga down in the dirt
The first nigga quick to get it first
Call the paramedic's cause the police be stealing from the hearse
I aim it at ya hat when I burst
If I don't get a Grammy I'm headed at the rat niggaz first
And I'm back full of perk strap on the curb
Slap that bitch on the third
Nigga done caught wit a slur
Can't see shit but a blur
Crank up that Chevy let her purr
We all from the curve
Bitch niggaz runnin up nerve
I ain't gon' let you die
And I tag a man
Said you runnin from the hood and I'm Pakistan
Bitch I'm a motherfuckin jacka man
And understand when the motherfuckin crack is staying


[Trick Daddy]
Y'all motherfuckers better run cause we got bombs
Plus we got guns that take off arms
Got a 4.4 that shoot the door and got buck loads of that 84
And like John Doe, hit ya city
start killing every nigga who ain't feelin this rhyme
And ain't feelin this vibe
To many niggaz goose necking my ride
But o.k. My A.K. fully
Y'all niggaz watch how you step to me
And y'all young niggaz back the fuck up
And don't make me act the fuck up
Cuz it a another war
I'll kill every motherfucker that y'all know
That's yo ma, pa, sister n law
Yo daddy, yo dog and yo hoe
Now I ain't claim to be a saint
And no gotdamn serial killer
I just wanna know my nigga what made you disrespect a nigga
What you thought I was buster, sucker, a rapper or actor
Nigga rat to the cracker yep they'll protect ya but one day fuck nigga I'm
gon catch ya


[Young Jeezy]
Been got my B's got my cheese
Fuck nigga you don't play wit G'
Cock back aim and squeeze
Now ya ass on the ground wit the trees
My ole boy didn't raise no snitch
My ole girl didn't raise no bitch
You outta line I'll kill you bitch
Now put that shit on my chick
Man I pull bout 26 bitches
Gotta perk shit 26 inches
On the concrete nigga
Gotta lace on the concrete nigga
At least when I rap a lot
Break down o's in the trap a lot
Fuck nigga I got crip for days
Slip n Slide wit dem boys from Dade
305 to the 404, G shit we'll take ya hoe
Look dog we'll take ya bricks
Fuck you nigga I hope it's worth it
Spray ya ass like a job from perfect
Gay man suck a dick A-T-L, Dade County and Trick


Y'all suck ass niggaz keep playin wit me
Fuck around see me wit A.K. in the streets
Start bussin makin motherfuckers lay in the streets
All cause of what a nigga say on the beat
Look I'ma G that's sayin the least
From trappin to sprayin the heat to wearin the key
Instead of all that attention you were payin to me
You should have been mindin ya business and keepin it pimpin
But I know most niggaz ain't built like that
Just know old niggaz get killed like that
You don't wanna fuck around wit Tip like that
Look Flip when the body bag zip that's that
Niggaz wanna talk shit and cock deuce
Wit this fully automatic Mack 10s start shootin
So you can run hide and tell lies if you want to
But when I fuck around and run up on you what you gon' do