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Artist: Trae f/ H.A.W.K., Pimp C
Album:  Swang (Remix) 12"
Song:   Swang (Remix)
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[Fat Pat]
niggaz better see a nigga roll
starched down and I'm rollin on 8-4's

{Pimp C talks over Chorus}

[Chorus-Fat Pat Repeat 4X]
swang, and swang, and swang to the left
pop, pop my trunk down M-L-K

[Verse 1-Pimp C]
I'm a Screwed Up affilated strictly rollin red
everytime we hit the parking lot we turn heads
I've been watched my parole-task forcin by the feds
cause they know I got 'em for ten and they know the game ain't dead
It's too late I'm deep up in it ain't nothin about me scary
chiefin in the club tryna find me somethin hairy
pimpin at the bar smokin on a stoggy
since I came home from the pen seems like everybody know me[uhh]
you got lots of friends when you up and when you ballin
just like pookie all the haters started callin
they see the diamonds and the Bentley, and the candy thing
they know I'm mob style protected they know I'm rollin with James
they know it's UGK for life and that I'm down with Bun
they know we grindin finna hit 'em with another one
It's UGK Records right now we need distribution
since Laura Redmond freed the Pimp it's goin down in Houston

[Chorus-Fat Pat]
swang, and swang, and swang to the left
pop, pop my trunk down M-L-K

[Verse 2-Trae]
Make way for Houston, Texas and they know the truth gon'be displayed
8-4's swangin plus the glass done put them niggaz in a daze
I'm nothin like a hater even if I was get out the way
I'll have the slugs jump in the clip with no delay for Trae to spray
I'll stick and move ya later in the 5th be fallin
I'm still tippin sittin in somethin blue
tinted like the feds so they watchin me when I'm comin through
when I lift the trunk up wave it-and bang it slow and loud
It's guaranteed that Trae gon'wreck the crowd
we gon'do this one right here for DJ Screw and Pat where them haters at
Houston, Texas in the building and finna put a end to all the chat
I know they mad now cause we here to slap it in they face
all chumps gettin squashed now get the fuck up out of the race
I'm in my zone second round gon'be worse then the first
and plus my slab be known to hurt they heart a lil'worse then this verse
and we still tippin on the corner smokin marijuana
like that Fat Pat all haters are a goner

[Chorus-Fat Pat Repeat 4X]
swang, and swang, and swang to the left
pop, pop my trunk down M-L-K

[Verse 3-H.A.W.K.]
I'm a swang, and a swang, and a swang to the left
pop my trunk for Fat Pat's Death
I would give my last breath if I could bring you back, bring Screw back
matter of fact bring the whole crew back
only God can do that so I'm a leave it alone, moving on
groovin to this soothin song, I'm cruising along
still got a Screw tape on, still in the zone
wishing Cory Blunt was home, riding on chrome
banging with my bug lights on, riding home
I reach southern astrodome, I'm Fat Pat's clone
his legacy carry's on-his heart beat pumps through my flesh and bone
flippin with Trae, mabbin down M-L-K
he's blue over gray I'm tinted sellin duece today
It's Dub-K chiefin on some lovely
and we on the boulevard actin ugly we gon...

[Chorus-Fat Pat Repeat 9X]