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Artist: Too $hort f/ Big Gipp, Bun B, Devin the Dude
Album:  What's My Favorite Word?
Song:   Pimp Life
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[Too $hort]
I chose to live this life

[Devin the Dude - singing]
I be stickin this dick up in these hoes hoes
'til a couple of bitches bitches get caught by they niggaz

[Devin the Dude]
Niggaz trippin - and for what?
Why must he think he 'posed to change her
When she'll give the pussy up even to a, total stranger
And, I'm just one of 'em, you can't trust none of them
They'll say they love you while they wipin your cum on them
Then they'll run and tell her friends how she found another sucker
to pay a fee for pus-sy but not - me, motherfuckahHHH
I move quick with my pool stick, Slicker than Willie
Slicker than Kelly, slicker than KY Jelly
But really this dick has got me in a lot of trouble recently
I bend 'em and go in 'em and don't even have the decency
to call her, my balls have been leaked of most of their fluids
I used to put the rubber on and skeet straight through it
And it seems, that I always keep my pipe in these hoes
Keep my mic at these shows, cause that's the life that I chose

[Devin the Dude - singing]
Pimp life!
I chose to live the - pimp life!

[Bun B of U.G.K.]
Come talk a walk up in my shoes, pay a couple of my dues
Roll my boulevard on trues, while your lady sings the blues
Got everythang to lose, not a damn thang to gain
I be tryin to cross the line, but with that I gotta bring the pain
Now I tried to compromise, see the other side of the story
But that's easier said that done, when it comes to your pride & your glory
I'm a pimp with a glide in my worries, limp pimp I'ma step when I wreck
But my armor's on at all times, cause I gots me a rep to protect
Now I mights be known for this, and maybe recognized for that
But they be high-beamin me; and I be like where my visors at?
Nowadays I'm a wiser cat, after what I been through I better be
Back then I woulda broke ya broad, nowadays I just let her be
Cause through seconds minutes hours days weeks months and years
Man I reckon that it's power fuckin freaks blunts and beers
That ain't what I'm supposed to be

[Devin] Pimp life!
[Bun B] That's the life I chose for me

[Devin the Dude - singing]
I be stickin this dick up in these hoes hoes
'til a couple of bitches bitches get caught by they niggaz
Niggaz trippin

[$hort] I chose to live the
[Devin] Pimp life!

[Too $hort]
Yeah I have menage-a-trois with superstars, one night stands, quickies
Booty calls, it ain't nuttin for her to just stick around here and lick me
Cause I run through broads and never get enough, maybe I'm too selfish
But I cain't help it.. can't stay witchu girl cause I can't tell if it's
official, or just another ritual
It's hard for me to find a wife, it's nothin for me to, get a hoe
I know it sounds, pitiful, sometimes I'm blessed, sometimes I'm cursed
If it's supposed to be the best then tell me, what's the worst?
I'll be a P-F-L, 'til I'm a old nigga
Cause I never spend my life with groupies, or golddiggers
I see these bitches now, shake it naked tryin to make it
If you spendin all his money take it bitch you can't fake it
When it's real, I'm cappin like the snub-nosed, they pay me
I love hoes, never go home when the club close
I do shows, ride new vogues and keep two hoes
I'm all about this money girl, that's why I chose
to live the pimp life

[Devin] Pimp life!
[$hort] I chose to live this life
[Devin] Pimp life.. pimp life!
[Devin] I chose to live the, pimp life

[Big Gipp]
People ask me question bout this, people ask me question bout that
Say what? I'm a handsome John motherfucker independent of the nasty-ass cuts
Young, Gipp, still around the corner in the hood
Gipp, still runnin down in the wood
Gipp, still ridin out like vogues
Gipp, still cruise hundred spokes
Straight from the 80's ladies
Grew up in nuttin but dem Grady babies
Pimpin the game since ninety-six
Can't sell a big ol' pimp no box of bricks
Gipp put it down for the A-Town to the Bay to the Oakland foothill strip
Too $hort, Bun B, Devin and Big Gipp yo we all some pimps
Gettin money out the sexual industries
At the same, tryin to get our slice
Never lookin back twice - livin in the pimp life

[Devin] Pimp life!

[Devin the Dude - singing]
I be stickin this dick up in these hoes hoes
'til a couple of bitches bitches get caught by they niggaz

[$hort] I chose to live the
[Devin] Pimp life!  Pimp life.. {*fades out*}