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Artist: Too $hort f/ Silk-E, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Respect the Pimpin'
Song:   Respect the Pimpin'
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: repeat 2X]
Ooooooh, respect the pimpin

[Too $hort]
I'll never forget, the Ward Brothers player
Old school pimps like Roosevelt Taylor
The list goes on for like three generations
Oakland pimp shit, all in your face man
Some other cities take pride in trickin
You can hear it when their rappers start spittin
Instead of you and yo' woman gettin money together
You do all the hustlin, and she gets all the cheddar
You tell her go shop, but she ain't got a job
Then you brag in your raps - to me it sounds odd~!
Cause I was raised by pimps in the O
They taught me real good how to send a hoe
And now you niggaz tryin to bend the rules
You must have came up around some friendly dudes
You need to stop doin all that extra simpin
and change the words in your song and respect the pimpin

[Chorus: Silk-E]
You've got money but you got no game
Think all the ladies wanna love youuuu?
Probably gotta, make it rain
Take her shoppin - respect the pimpin
You a front for the game - you was posin
Got your gators and your super Q
Can you feel me?
Respect the pimpin

[Snoop Dogg]
All I wanna be is well known now
Drive a 'llac, big mack and do my own style
Keep a freak, on the street, that fit the profile
At the pad, money stack, watchin dough pile
Reminiscin of a player that I once knew
He had it all, went broke, but he still kept it true
Bounced back, like a real mack, got a new sack
New hoes, new clothes, and found a new track
Now that's a player that I always wanna be like
Did dirt, went to church and lived the street life
Ask $hort, ask Snoop, we gon' tell you the truth
A real pimp, keep a prostitute, and she get lots of loot
Do what she gots'ta do
Come back with MOOLAH, like she 'posed to do
And stay close to you, so if you ever fell
Here's the one most important thing about this tale
Ask Michelle, Tammy and Nell, when they went to jail
They know who came through with that bail - it was me~!
Cause I respect the P, do the same
Don't be no lame, respect the game

[Outro: repeat 3X]
Ooooooh, respect the pimpin