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Artist: Too $hort f/ 50 Cent, Devin the Dude, Twista
Album:  No Trespassing
Song:   I'm a Stop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: Devin the Dude]
I'ma stop putting my thing up in ya, bitch if ya don't stop callin me
Every hour on the hour, motherfucker cian't ya tell you botherin me!!
I'm smokin, drinkin, thinkin 'bout pussy, not necessarily yours
So - just leave me alone fo' a minute, I'm fi' to fuck with a few of these hoes

[Too $hort]
I met this bitch, her name was Lucy
She's a Twitter stalkin, Facebook groupie
She loves dogs so I nicknamed her Poop
One day she wants me and the next day it's Snoop
... She keeps postin pics
Cause Lucy, she love to stroke them dicks
She got that feel good energy
And a whole lot of nasty memories
I never shoulda did what I did with the bitch
Cause now, I cain't get rid of the bitch
She's throwing up my phone sendin texts and e-mails
all about her dreams of having sex with females
Cum swappin in a threesome?
But that ain't what I want, that's what she wants
I keep tellin her, to leave me alone
Bitch won't stop calling my phone


[50 Cent]
Yeah, 50!
I should have never fucked that freaky bitch, now I be on some kinky shit
Man she keep callin and callin, man that bitch is a stalker
First I want my ass licked, then I need my toes licked
Soon as the bitch think she done, I come up with some mo' shit
I can't have a square bitch, now I need a rare bitch
No gag reflex, no ring, no marriage
I'm super, yeah I'm Superman, see me I need a Super-pro
Go super low and give a nigga some super-felatio
And if I'm soft it's her fault; it's her job to get me hard
My dick's the bishop, to help a bitch find God
Church, keep it rainin on my hoes
And tailored shit on my back everywhere I go
That paper keep it flowin in - there she go again
Look bitch, you workin my last nerves
I have to go to therapy, I can no longer fuck with you
What you and I had was a flash, shorty I had enough of you


Ha ha~! Twista
When you lookin at her body you gon' wanna get up with her
because the bitch a banger
Big swag, a socialite, easily clickin with strangers
Never really know her when you get to meet her
cause she was so thick and you think she the bomb first
Ask what she do, she say she do promo for concerts
But she don't wanna listen, gotta be at every party I'm at
Runnin to rub me got me like a rat
Why you all over a motherfucker like that? (Damn!)
All these flaws, make a, nig-ga, pause, with the, words
Got the, drawers, but now I'm feelin like fuckin with you fuckin birds
for the urge, got myself in some shit I can't get out, so shoot me
Now the bitch all on the internet stalkin me
That's what I get for fuckin with a groupie
All I can do is smoke a loosie, sip and trip on how the shit go
But all I know - better be the business
If you hit her fuckin with her cause she could be a hoe (that right)
Now, let me put it in retrospect
Reminiscin with Shocker, go back up time and intercept yo' sex
Now what you all in the window with my two do' fo'?
Lil' momma you get on my nerves
I told you I ain't fuckin you no' mo', damn!


[Outro: Devin the Dude 3X]
I know you miss this dick; I know you really miss it miss
You want to hug it, want to rub it, want to kiss it